Sutherland Shire Council

Key Highlights 

  • Council rebranding required an updated uniform range​ 
  • Consistency and cohesiveness achieved across all departments​ 
  • Dedicated Online Store​ 

The Brief 

Sutherland Shire Council (SSC) approached Total Image Group for a uniform redesign to coincide with the launch of their rebrand. They needed a consistent and cohesive uniform range to create a unified look for all staff, from Administrators to Lifeguards.  

Brand Consistency 

Previously, all departments within SSC were managing their own uniforms. SSC engaged Total Image as the sole supplier for all departments to create a sense of unity among the previously disparately dressed departments.

The new uniform required a varied array of garments that suited each role within the council. Total Image Group curated a range that included Hi-Vis, outerwear, headwear, suiting, scarves, and custom products for Lifeguards and Leisure Centres. Despite requiring such a variety, the SSC uniform that Total Image designed was actually much simpler than the previous range. The approach to consistency across the whole council allowed Total Image to identify key products that could be worn by multiple departments. Not only did this keep branding consistent for SSC, but also maximised cost efficiency by bulk-producing more commonly worn items. 

Stock Management 

With a large and varied uniform range comes concerns about stock and warehousing. However, Total Image Group offered SSC customised warehousing and stock management solutions. The Total Image Group warehouse maintains the necessary levels of uniform inventory. TIG also ensures a consistent replenishment of garments, eliminating the risk of any items being out of stock.  

Online Store  

SSC have a variety of requirements for uniform ordering to best suit each department. Some require staff to order their uniform via subsidy, whilst others order uniforms in bulk. Total Image created a unique online store that was able to execute all ordering requirements on the one platform. When staff members log into the store, they only see relevant garments for each staff, to reduce confusion across departments.

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