Multi-Location Management

We have built our business model to cater to clients who have multiple locations.

Whether locations are within one state, across the country or even Internationally based we have the processes in place to ensure all employees are taken care of and have access to the same information as if they were based at TIG HQ.



Franchise Uniforms

Working with a franchise network, we understand that having a uniform supplier for franchisees takes the stress away from head office. Besides reporting and range planning which will be managed by head office, all enquiries and customer service will be centralised and managed by our Customer Service team. Our team will provide franchisees with a platform for feedback as well as the support and incentives to ensure they are ordering uniforms and that their employees are always looking good in their uniforms.


Company Owned

For those that own a number of stores or sites, we ensure that your uniform implementation across all sites is communicated effectively and at the same time.

 We can organise and send  out communications, either through managers or direct to all staff, and coordinate customer service enquiries, orders, 

...Or a Bit of Both

We have worked with clients who have a network of locations some are franchise based and follow a certain set of rules while others are company owned and require to be supplied and to serviced differently.
Some require allocation management, while others are required to prepay their uniforms. The range offering may vary across the different groups as well as the way delivery, invoicing and ordering is completed – all of which will be accounted for in our uniform management program.