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Clubs and Hospitality Uniforms

From the front desk to the kitchen, our hospitality uniforms for hotels, clubs, restaurants and cafes are made from high quality, low maintenance materials and are designed to meet the unique challenges of these work environments while also being on trend.

Our hospitality workwear range makes it easy to create a coordinated uniform solution that establishes your brand across all areas of your organisation, while also looking out for the comfort and safety of the men and women you employ.

Speak to our team of experts who can create a contemporary, and cohesive uniform range for your business.

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We can create on-brand, fit for purpose and fashion-forward cohesive uniforms that consider all departments within a hospitality business

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Blogs and Case Studies


Key Highlights: The Brief CVGT Employment are a not-for-profit employment service that connect people with meaningful work and opportunities for training.  When they embarked on

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Cater Care

Key Highlights: Custom Design range  Customised online ordering  Versatile products that can adapt to multiple roles  The Brief Cater Care is an industry-leading contract catering, accommodation and

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Parra Leagues

Key Highlights: A uniform range designed to be cohesive across a broad range of roles  Striking a balance between comfortable and professional   A 3-week turnaround

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Do you need help working out the best uniform range for you and your business? We can help! Speak to one of our Healthcare Uniform experts. 

We are proudly part of the Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) working to drive circularity to realise full resource efficiency for all uniforms and workwear within Australia. 

We are working towards a sustainable future. We want to ensure that we protect our environment and do everything we can to contribute to the longevity of our precious planet

Our bespoke service goes beyond the design and supply of your fashion forward new uniforms.

We can create you a complete custom uniform range or build a new uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with little touches that make it your own.

We offer a complete service portfolio that we can tailor to your needs.

We carry out staff engagement surveys and uniform fit outs to ensure your team are aware and happy with their new uniform.

Do you have multiple locations nationally? We are well equipped to manage multi-locations as well as help with your allocation and subsidies if these are required.


It has been a fantastic experience and partnership working with Total Image Group to design the inaugural staff uniforms at the new world-class Allianz Stadium and updating uniforms for the Sydney Cricket Ground. The Moore Park precinct is iconic around the world and it’s fitting our new uniform design reflects our famous sporting and entertainment site that’s steeped in history that creates world-class experiences for the millions of members and spectators who visit each year.

Venues NSW

Pamela and the team at Total Image Group are everything we look for in a partner; entrepreneurial Aussies who have worked hard to achieve great things and are truly excited about helping bring Bonza to life.


TIG is amazing to work with in organising and supplying high quality uniforms! Recently all F and B uniforms at West HQ. Highly Recommended

West HQ

On behalf of The Whiddon Group let me express my appreciation to you and the team for the uniform range that you designed and created for us. Not only was everything of the highest quality but the service we received throughout the whole process from undertaking the surveys to find out what our staff wanted through to fit outs and launch were impeccable. We couldn’t be happier with the range.

The Whiddon Group

On behalf of Arcare Aged Care let me express my deepest appreciation to Total Image Group the fantastic work behind developing and supplying our uniform range. We have received nothing but the highest standards in customer service and the range developed has been well thought out to cater to the variety of staff and departments that we have. We find Total Image a great company to deal with. They are professional and prompt, and always helpful when we have inquiries. Their deliveries are within the specified time frame, and any issues are always rectified quickly. Our employees feel great and look tidy wearing them, and we have never received any negative feedback regarding their quality.

Arcare Aged Care

On behalf of Dan Murphy's let me express my appreciation to you and the team for the designs you created for our Dan Murphy's preferred dress. Your fashion-forward insights were valued along with your efficient and professional manner, which saw that our requirements were met. The experience was smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. The outcome of the new design is the perfect fit for our team. We look forward to working with you again.

Dan Murphy’s

We have been dealing with Total Image for just over 18 months, which has involved totally outfitting 160 staff due to a corporate rebranding project. During this time we have found Pamela and her staff to be very professional. The fit-out process through to the ordering and delivery has been fairly seamless. Even when we have experienced a minor hiccup, the service of the sales and support staff has been very efficient and we have had things resolved in a timely manner.

Police Bank

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Custom Hospitality and Club Uniforms

Your Business Isn’t Ordinary, So Why Should Your Uniform Be?

A hospitality uniform is more than aprons and chef jackets, it’s a chance to unify your team and embody your brand. Differentiate yourself amongst competitors and communicate your values to customers with a coordinated and functional dress range that represents your company.

We can cater to all hospitality businesses: restaurants, cafes, catering, clubs, bars, hotels and resorts. We offer a comprehensive front of house and back of house range, with shirts, polos, aprons, chef jackets and pants, so your team makes a polished impression on your customers. We also carry all the garments and accessories for other departments in your establishment, including admin, corporate, gaming and maintenance, with a comprehensive range of suiting, shirts, blouses and workwear. 

In the fast-paced hospitality environment, your team need to be dressed in hard-wearing and comfortable garments that withstand the heat (and stains) of the kitchen. That means utilising long-wearing, stain-resistant and breathable materials, without compromising on style and brand consistency.

We never take a “one size fits all” approach to designing your hospitality uniform or club uniform range. Your unique brand deserves a uniform that works best for you, and our “fashion-first” ethos ensures a constantly evolving range and recommendations that reflect current trends, as well as your brand. Gone are the days of passe and outdated uniform designs; we believe in hospitality and club dress that is contemporary and chic.


Australia's Largest Hospitality and Club Uniform Range

Total Image Group are the leading distributor of branded clothing and accessories across Australia. We have an extensive stock product range and specialise in coordinating uniform ranges based on our clients’ requirements, working environment, job roles and overall brand image.

Our longstanding relationship with Australia’s leading uniform suppliers means we have the very best in uniform options available. We have high-quality garments and accessories from brands including Fashion Biz, Gloweave, City Collection, Syzmik, JB’s Wear, DNC, CHEFWORKS, Identitee, Van Heusen, Stencil, James Harvest, AS Colour and many more.

Whether you are looking for suiting, tees, hoodies, chinos, workwear, hi vis, face masks, aprons, scrubs, shirts, promotional merchandise, team wear or even school leavers jerseys, we have it available. 

 Our goal is to make sure that your uniform is the perfect fit for your brand, and with our extensive range of stock garments and accessories, we can create a unique look for your business. Contact us now, or browse the range and request a quote.

For Businesses Great and Small

From local cafes to nationwide brands, we will happily cater to businesses of any size.

Our minimum branded garment order quanity is 12 – in any mix of colours and styles!

Custom Uniform Design and Range Consultation

Ready for a refresh, a rebrand, a reimagining? Unfortunately, your uniform is more than one click away.

That’s because at Total Image Group, we go beyond colours, styles and sizes. We want to work closely with you to design a uniform that tells your story, that fits your staff and clients, and will be able to grow alongside your brand. That takes more than just a simple online order.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you the following options:

Complete custom packages: when you want to weave your brand story into every uniform, customising gives you design freedom. From custom fabrics to designing bespoke brand pieces, the little details like coloured buttons, where you place the logo, an on-brand colour trim… they’re what create a uniform your people are proud to wear.

Specialised Uniform consultation: we build your brand uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with the little touches that make it your own. We know there is no one way of doing things which is why we offer our expert advice to ensure not only your uniform launch and roll out are a success, but the right support and processes are in place.

Fill out an enquiry form, or browse our range and request a quote, to be put in touch with our Uniform Experts who will liaise with you to find your perfect fit.

Uniform Branding

Take every opportunity to communicate your businesses’ values, strengths and individuality by including high-quality, customised branding to your uniform range. Integrating your unique logo, tagline or brand imagery into a considered uniform range not only unifies your team, but elevates the customer experience.

Learn More about Branding Options.

Embroidery thread is fine but durable, meaning that we can capture the details of your branding and keep it preserved for hundreds of washes without fading or damage. 

Screen printing allows you to recreate large, bright, or intricate branding that isn’t possible with embroidery. Screen printing is ideal for hi-vis workwear, shirts, or polos, or branded promotional material,

Heat transfer can create complicated graphics, bright imagery and even photos that can be printed onto t-shirts or promotional products.

Our Values

We’re Australia’s uniform specialists, creating fashion forward uniforms for brands across corporate, retail, hospitality, automotive, sporting, healthcare, industrial and fitness sectors.

From idea to implementation, we’re here to support every part of your company’s uniform journey.

Read More about Our Story

We’re working towards a kinder, more sustainable future.

We offer a range of sustainable fabrics, have ditched swing-tags that would otherwise go straight to landfill, use zero-waste packaging and are working with partners to close the loop on sustainable uniform production. 

Read more about our Sustainability Commitment.

Our ethical supplier sourcing policy puts every link in the supply chain in the spotlight for a transparent view of providers and manufacturers  across labour, human rights, fair working conditions and environmental protection.

We also believe in investing in our people and in our local community.

Read more about our Corporate & Social Responsibility. 

Your Hospitality Uniform FAQs Answered

Hospitality uniforms are specialised clothing worn by employees in the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, and resorts. These uniforms are designed to be functional, stylish, and reflect the brand’s identity. They often include elements like shirts, aprons, suits, and other garments tailored to the specific needs and roles of staff members, such as front desk personnel, waitstaff, chefs, and housekeeping staff, helping create a cohesive and professional appearance within the establishment.

Uniforms are essential in the hospitality industry because they serve multiple crucial purposes. Firstly, they create a unified and professional appearance, reinforcing the brand’s identity and image. Secondly, they help customers easily identify staff members and their roles, improving the overall guest experience. Additionally, hospitality uniforms are designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring employees can perform their duties effectively and safely. Overall, these uniforms contribute to the industry’s professionalism, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Uniforms are utilised in various establishments within the hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, cruise ships, bars, and catering companies. These uniforms are tailored to the specific needs and roles of employees in each type of establishment, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance while promoting brand identity and guest service.

Hospitality uniforms differ from regular clothing in several ways. They are purpose-designed for specific roles and tasks in the hospitality industry, emphasising functionality, durability, and comfort. These uniforms often feature branded elements, helping to reinforce a consistent professional image and identity for the establishment.

Additionally, hospitality uniforms may adhere to industry-specific safety and hygiene standards, ensuring employees can perform their duties effectively while maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

The key components of a hospitality uniform typically include garments such as shirts, blouses, jackets, pants, skirts, aprons, vests, and, in some cases, specialised attire like chef’s coats or housekeeping smocks.

These components are tailored to the specific needs and roles of employees in the hospitality industry, ensuring a professional and functional appearance while reflecting the establishment’s brand identity.

Yes, there are industry standards for hospitality uniforms. These standards may vary by region or specific sector within the hospitality industry. They often encompass guidelines for appearance, fabric quality, safety & hygiene. Compliance with these standards helps establishments maintain a high level of service and a consistent brand identity.

Hospitality uniforms contribute to branding by serving as a visible and consistent representation of the establishment’s image. Through the use of branded colours, logos, and style elements, uniforms create a cohesive and memorable visual identity for the business. This consistency enhances the guest experience, fosters professionalism, and reinforces the brand’s values and reputation, all of which are integral to successful branding in the hospitality industry.

We can customise a uniform to meet your needs and brand requirements! Got a wild idea? Throw it our way!

The most common types of hospitality uniforms include front desk or concierge attire, waiter/waitress uniforms, chef’s jackets and aprons, housekeeping attire, and management or supervisory uniforms. These uniforms are tailored to the specific needs and roles of employees within the hospitality industry, ensuring a professional and functional appearance while reflecting the establishment’s brand identity.

Yes, there are specific uniform guidelines for front-of-house and back-of-house staff in the hospitality industry. Front-of-house staff, like waitstaff and concierge, typically wear more formal, customer-facing uniforms, emphasising professional appearance and brand representation. Back-of-house staff, such as chefs and kitchen staff, prioritise functionality, safety, and hygiene in their uniforms. These guidelines ensure that both customer service and kitchen operations maintain a high level of professionalism and effectiveness.

Hospitality uniforms can have a significant impact on employee morale. When employees wear well-designed and comfortable uniforms that make them feel professional and part of a team, it can boost their confidence and job satisfaction. Uniforms that are functional and promote a sense of pride in their work contribute to a positive work environment, which, in turn, can enhance employee morale and job performance.

A standardised uniform policy in the hospitality industry offers several benefits. It creates a cohesive and professional image, reinforcing the establishment’s branding and identity. It also ensures consistency in employee appearance, making it easier for customers to identify staff members and their roles. Moreover, a standardised policy simplifies uniform procurement and maintenance, and it helps in meeting industry-specific safety and hygiene standards, contributing to overall operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

When selecting fabric for hospitality uniforms, it’s essential to consider factors like comfort, durability, ease of maintenance, and the specific role of the wearer. Natural fibers like cotton or blends with polyester are often chosen for comfort, breathability, and ease of laundering, while more durable and stain-resistant fabrics like polyester or blends with spandex may be preferred for high-activity roles. Additionally, considering the climate and any necessary safety or hygiene standards is crucial when choosing the right fabric for hospitality uniforms to ensure both comfort and functionality.

Learn more about choosing the right fabric for your business: https://totalimagegroup.com.au/choosing-the-right-fabric-for-your-uniforms-comfort-durability-and-style/

To keep hospitality uniforms clean and hygienic, follow industry laundering guidelines, encourage daily changes, and store them separately from personal clothing to prevent cross-contamination.

The hospitality industry frequently restricts the wearing of accessories, including jewellery, for hygiene considerations.

Yes, footwear in the hospitality industry is subject to special considerations. Employees often need slip-resistant, comfortable, and closed-toe shoes to ensure safety and hygiene, as they work in environments where spills and slippery surfaces are common.

Yes, different job roles in the hospitality industry often have specific uniform requirements. Servers, bartenders, chefs, and other staff members typically wear uniforms tailored to their roles for functionality, safety, and brand representation, reflecting their specific duties and responsibilities.

In the hospitality industry, employees typically wear designated uniforms provided by the establishment to maintain a consistent, professional image and ensure adherence to industry-specific safety and hygiene standards. Wearing personal clothing is often not allowed to uphold a uniform appearance and meet these requirements.

When designing hospitality uniforms, it’s essential to address cultural and religious considerations by offering flexible options that accommodate diverse needs, such as allowing for modesty requirements or offering different styles and accessories that respect cultural and religious preferences. Open communication with employees and being sensitive to their individual needs can help create a more inclusive and accommodating uniform policy.

The typical lifespan of a hospitality uniform can vary based on factors like fabric quality, wear and tear, and laundering practices.

The latest trends in hospitality uniform design are leaning towards more sustainable and eco-friendly materials, innovative and functional designs, and a focus on comfort and versatility. Customised and brand-specific touches, like unique patterns and colours, are also on the rise to create a memorable and distinctive guest experience. Additionally, designs that prioritise a modern and stylish aesthetic while still adhering to functionality and comfort are gaining popularity in the industry.

Yes, hospitality uniforms can be eco-friendly and sustainable. Many establishments are now opting for uniforms made from environmentally conscious materials, such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, or sustainable blends.

Balancing functionality and style in hospitality uniforms involves careful design and material selection. Functional elements, like pockets for servers or breathable fabrics for kitchen staff, should be integrated without sacrificing the overall aesthetic appeal of the uniform. Prioritising comfort and mobility while incorporating stylish, on-brand details helps strike the right balance to ensure employees look and perform their best in the hospitality industry.

Whatever your budget, we can help find something for you!

Once you’ve approved your selection, we can establish online ordering for your company. Explore our online ordering system here: https://totalimagegroup.com.au/what-we-do/our-services/personalised-online-ordering/

Yes! We can help create a gender neutral & inclusive range!

Uniforms in the hospitality industry enhance safety and hygiene by providing designated attire designed for specific tasks. For instance, chefs wear protective clothing to prevent burns and maintain cleanliness. Uniforms also reduce the risk of cross-contamination and help maintain a clean and professional appearance, contributing to a safer and more hygienic environment.

Indeed, technology and smart features can enhance hospitality uniforms, offering improved communication and comfort through wearables and embedded technologies.

Uniform accessories, such as aprons and headwear, play a vital role in hospitality uniforms. Aprons protect clothing from spills and stains while also providing a professional and hygienic appearance. Headwear, like chef’s hats or server caps, further enhance the uniform’s functionality and style, while maintaining cleanliness and reinforcing brand identity in the hospitality industry.

Yes, hospitality uniforms significantly impact customer perceptions and satisfaction. They create a professional and cohesive image, making it easier for customers to identify staff and increasing their confidence in the establishment. Well-designed uniforms also contribute to a positive guest experience, reinforcing the brand’s identity and enhancing the overall quality of service in the hospitality industry.

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