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Workwear, Hi Vis and Safety Uniforms

It’s important that you and your team are safe and seen at all times. Personal protective clothing, such as high-visibility vests, keep workers safe in low-visibility working conditions, allowing wearers to be easily seen in various light conditions. We work with many businesses to ensure that they have the appropriate safety uniforms for their staff across a number of industries.

Beyond safety, custom workwear and safety gear is also an effective way to help establish your brand. Choose the uniform colours and styles that best represent your business and enquire about adding your logo and other details for a professional finish.

Speak to the uniform experts about our wide selection of specialty workwear and hi-vis uniforms for tradies and industry personnel

Contractor Uniforms

For every worksite and every meeting, find the workwear that will keep you comfortable no matter what your day brings. 

Warehouse and manufacturing Uniforms

Stay safe and comfortable through long hours, freezing winters and blazing summers. 

transport & Logistics Uniforms

For treacherous workplaces, safety, hi-vis compliance and protection against the elements is key. Look at our range 

Mining, Oil & Engineering Uniforms

Your workwear should always protect you in hazardous working conditions. Browse our range of hi-vis, heat-resistant, PPE gear and safety uniforms.

Heavy Equipment Hi Vis & Construction Workwear

Keep safe, comfortable and visible on the worksite with our range of construction workwear and hi-vis. 

Plumbing & Electrician Uniforms

Whether your day is spent out in the elements, on construction sites, or moving around in hard-to-reach places, you need clothes that keep you comfortable and protected. 

We have Valued Clients across:

  • Heavy Equipment and Construction
  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Manufacturing and Factories
  • Warehousing
  • Road and Rail

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Product gallery

Our extensive range of hi vis & workwear are just as tough as the employees that wear them. High-quality, durable and adherent to Australian Hi Vis regulations, browse our range for workwear designed to last even in the most difficult conditions.

Can’t see what you’re looking for? Looking for custom items? Speak to our team of uniform experts to find a solution that works for you.


Blogs and Case Studies

Unity Through Uniform: From Office to Warehouse

When your business spans across multiple workplaces with employees who fill a variety of roles, it’s important to maintain a sense of unity across the entire workforce. Whether they’re in the warehouse, the office, serving customers or making deliveries, your team deserve to be dressed in comfortable, practical and good-looking uniforms.

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Custom Hi Vis and Workwear Uniforms

 Your business isn’t ordinary, so why should your uniform be? 

Hi-Vis and Workwear is more than what you wear to the worksite, it keeps your employees safe, and it’s a chance to unify your team and embody your brand. Differentiate yourself amongst competitors and communicate your values to customers with a coordinated and functional dress range that represents your company.

We offer a comprehensive workwear range, with vests, shirts, shorts, pants, outerwear and accessories designed to keep you safe and comfortable, whether you’re on a worksite or in a warehouse. 

Workwear and Hi-Vis needs to prioritise functionality, from design to fabric. Our polos, safety uniforms and workwear shirts maximise breathability and moisture wicking, to maintain comfort when performing strenuous physical labour. All our hi-vis specifies whether it meets criteria for Class D or Class D/N visibility requirements. We also offer outerwear specifically created to protect against various elements and hazards – everything from heat and electricity to the wind, cold and rain. 

We never take a “one size fits all” approach to designing your Hi-Vis or workwear uniform range. Your unique brand deserves a uniform that works best for you, and our “fashion-first” ethos ensures a constantly evolving range and recommendations that reflect your brand. Gone are the days of passe and outdated uniform designs; we believe in workwear that is both functional and appealing. 

Hi Vis Collar down

The Largest Workwear Range in Australia

Total Image Group are the leading distributor of branded clothing and accessories across Australia. We have an extensive stock product range and specialise in coordinating uniform ranges based on our clients’ requirements, working environment, job roles and overall brand image.

Our longstanding relationship with Australia’s leading uniform suppliers means we have the very best in uniform options available. We have high-quality garments and accessories from brands including Syzmik, JB’s Wear, DNC, CHEFWORKS, Identitee, Van Heusen, Stencil, James Harvest, AS Colour and many more.

Whether you are looking for custom workwear, hi vis, PPE, tees, polos, promotional merchandise or team wear, we have it available. 

 Our goal is to make sure that your uniform is the perfect fit for your brand, and with our extensive range of stock garments and accessories, we can create a unique look for your business. Contact us now, or browse the range and request a quote.

Safety Uniforms and Workwear Australia

We offer a comprehensive range of safety compliant uniforms. We work with the best quality suppliers whose products are guaranteed to meet your needs for safe and comfortable manufacturing, tradie uniforms, mining and construction workwear. Whether you’re after Class D compliant Hi Vis for a worksite, Class D/N compliant safety workwear for roadwork crews, water repellant outerwear for outside construction or Fire Resistant and Arc Rated protective safety gear for those working in hazardous conditions, we have the highest quality products that will keep your team safe on the job. 

For Businesses Great and Small

From local cafes to nationwide brands, we will happily cater to businesses of any size.

Our minimum branded garment order quanity is 12 – in any mix of colours and styles!

Custom Workwear Design and Range Consultation

Ready for a refresh, a rebrand, a reimagining? Unfortunately, your uniform is more than one click away.

That’s because at Total Image Group, we go beyond colours, styles and sizes. We want to work closely with you to design a uniform that tells your story, that fits your staff and clients, and will be able to grow alongside your brand. That takes more than just a simple online order.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer you the following options:

Complete custom packages: when you want to weave your brand story into every uniform, customising gives you design freedom. From custom fabrics to designing bespoke brand pieces, the little details like coloured buttons, where you place the logo, an on-brand colour trim… they’re what create a uniform your people are proud to wear.

Specialised Uniform consultation: we build your brand uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with the little touches that make it your own. We know there is no one way of doing things which is why we offer our expert advice to ensure not only your uniform launch and roll out are a success, but the right support and processes are in place.

Fill out an enquiry form, or browse our range and request a quote, to be put in touch with our Uniform Experts who will liaise with you to find your perfect fit.

Workwear and Hi Vis Branding

Take every opportunity to communicate your businesses’ values, strengths and individuality by including high-quality, customised branding to your uniform range. Integrating your unique logo, tagline or brand imagery into a considered uniform range not only unifies your team, but elevates the customer experience.

Learn More about Branding Options.

Embroidery thread is fine but durable, meaning that we can capture the details of your branding and keep it preserved for hundreds of washes without fading or damage. 

Screen printing allows you to recreate large, bright, or intricate branding that isn’t possible with embroidery. Screen printing is ideal for hi-vis workwear, shirts, or polos, or branded promotional material,

Heat Transfer will help create complex branding designs that use lots of colours. You can create complicated graphics, bright imagery and even photos that can be printed onto t-shirts or promotional products

We are proudly part of the Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) working to drive circularity to realise full resource efficiency for all uniforms and workwear within Australia. 

We are working towards a sustainable future. We want to ensure that we protect our environment and do everything we can to contribute to the longevity of our precious planet

Our bespoke service goes beyond the design and supply of your fashion forward new uniforms.

We can create you a complete custom uniform range or build a new uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with little touches that make it your own.

We offer a complete service portfolio that we can tailor to your needs.

We carry out staff engagement surveys and uniform fit outs to ensure your team are aware and happy with their new uniform.

Do you have multiple locations nationally? We are well equipped to manage multi-locations as well as help with your allocation and subsidies if these are required.

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