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Staff Engagement Programs

We believe it is extremely important to understand the needs of staff when it comes to a new uniform range. Not only to understand how they feel about their current range but also what they would like to see changed.

As knowledge is power, we can conduct surveys with staff and carry out workshops to understand the needs and wants with select department representatives.

As an ongoing service, we also regularly carry out online staff surveys to obtain staff feedback and sentiment regarding their uniform range. This information helps with forward planning, creating new pieces and flagging any issues.

At Total Image Group, we believe in treading lightly and making a meaningful impact on the environment and communities we serve.

We invite our customers and partners to join us in our commitment to sustainability and responsible practices.

Together, through small steps and mindful choices, we can create a more sustainable and connected community.

OUR PLEDGE: Reduce our GHG emissions by 42% by the year 2030


Our bespoke service goes beyond the design and supply of your fashion forward new uniforms.

We can create you a complete custom uniform range or build a new uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with little touches that make it your own.

We offer a complete service portfolio that we can tailor to your needs.

We carry out staff engagement surveys and uniform fit outs to ensure your team are aware and happy with their new uniform.

Do you have multiple locations nationally? We are well equipped to manage multi-locations as well as help with your allocation and subsidies if these are required.

Why TIG?

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