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Allocation & Subsidy Management

There are a number of allocation options your company can implement from product entitlements to subsidy allocations that can be assigned for usage on a fortnightly, monthly or annually basis. 

Allocations can be set to be used through a specific period or anytime throughout the subsidy period. Most companies have an allocation period where new allocations are given annually, or this can be done on anniversary date specific to each employee.


We are equipped to manage subsidies for each individual employee with authorisation from head office. Alternatively, management can be given access to approve and change subsidy requests for employees.


Employees can login online and access to their own subsidy account online and monitor their ordering and subsidy use.

We are proudly part of the Australasian Circular Textile Association (ACTA) working to drive circularity to realise full resource efficiency for all uniforms and workwear within Australia. 

We are working towards a sustainable future. We want to ensure that we protect our environment and do everything we can to contribute to the longevity of our precious planet

Our bespoke service goes beyond the design and supply of your fashion forward new uniforms.

We can create you a complete custom uniform range or build a new uniform from our existing range, curating the right pieces with little touches that make it your own.

We offer a complete service portfolio that we can tailor to your needs.

We carry out staff engagement surveys and uniform fit outs to ensure your team are aware and happy with their new uniform.

Do you have multiple locations nationally? We are well equipped to manage multi-locations as well as help with your allocation and subsidies if these are required.