Our Services

We offer a complete service portfolio that we can tailor to your needs.
Our bespoke service goes beyond the design and supply of your fashion forward new uniforms.
We support your team transition to a new work wardrobe with the following services.

Multi-location Management

Uniform Fit outs

Allocation and Subsidy Management

Account Management and Service

Personalised Online Ordering


Staff Engagement Programs

Inventory and Warehousing

Start your uniform journey with the experts in fashionable, functional designs

Multi-location Management

We have built our business model to cater to clients who have multiple locations. Whether locations are within one state, across the country or even Internationally based we have the processes in place to ensure all employees are taken care of and have access to the same information as if they were based at TIG HQ

Franchise Uniforms

Working with a franchise network, we understand that having a uniform supplier for franchisees takes the stress away from head office. Besides reporting and range planning which will be managed by head office, all enquiries and customer service will be centralised and managed by our Customer Service team. Our team will provide franchisees with a platform for feedback as well as the support and incentives to ensure they are ordering uniforms and that their employees are always looking good in their uniforms.


Company Owned

For those that own a number of stores or sites, we ensure that the uniform implementation across all sites is communicated effectively and at the same time.


OR a bit of both

We have worked with clients who have a network of locations some are franchise based and follow a certain set of rules while others are company owned and require to be supplied and to serviced differently.
Some require allocation management, while others are required to prepay their uniforms. The range offering may vary across the different groups as well as the way delivery, invoicing and ordering is completed – all of which will be accounted for in our uniform management program.

Uniform Fit Outs

We understand the difficulty in undergoing a uniform range launch for a business that features multiple locations country wide. It is important that all staff have the opportunity to try on their new range to determine size and fit prior to the official roll out. We have worked with a large number organisations with this requirement and are highly experience with on-location fit outs.

We provide a fully equipped fitting team as well as a (very cool) TIG van that can cross the country fitting out employees!

Depending on the number of employees we can offer the below solutions.

Onsite fitting days

We will assist on the day to help employees choose the right products and order the correct allocation. We also suppler the fit out day with pre-awareness emails and posters with all the relevant information.

Fit Kit– Send & Return

Dependent on size we are able to provide a Fit Kit to the locations that wish to manage their own fitting service.

The kit will have the main garments in the range and will be packed with a checklist of products, schedule, size charts and measuring tape, product catalogue and how to order guide.

Please note there is a cost involved for this option

Samples – Send & Return

For those companies and locations that do not wish to order a whole size set but would like to see a few samples, this option is also available.

Please note there is a cost involved for this option

Allocation & Subsidy Management

Having worked with a wide range of clients with various structures and requirements, we are experienced in suggesting an allocation structure and roll out a plan that best fit your business. There are a number of allocation options your company can implement from product entitlements to subsidy allocations that can be assigned for usage on a fortnightly, monthly or annually basis. Allocations can be set to be used through a specific period or anytime throughout the subsidy period. Most companies have an allocation period where new allocations are given annually, or this can be done on anniversary date specific to each employee.

Online Management Access

We are equipped to manage subsidies for each individual employee with authorisation from head office. Alternatively, management can be given access to approve and change subsidy requests for employees.

Employee Access

Employees can login online and access to their own subsidy account online and monitor their ordering and subsidy use.

Account Management & Service

Our team of uniform experts have worked with a large number of Australia’s iconic and most loved brands in the design, manufacture and supply of uniforms. 

We ensure that each uniform range is created is unique to suit the brand and industry.

With decades of experience, our Account Management team is knowledgeable across all industries. Your Account Manager is selected based on their industry experience ensuring you are provided with the highest level of knowledgeable and personalized service possible. 

Providing a quality product is just the beginning, we understand the importance of having a reliable support structure. To assist our Account Managers is a Customer Service team dedicated to providing technical advice on products, sizing, ordering, delivery and any other information required by you or your team. 

Personalised Online ordering

Custom Mini Site

Our priority is to provide you with innovative and convenient ordering avenues to suit your business and employee needs. This is why we have provided many of our medium to large clients with a custom online uniform store. This online service has been designed so that individual businesses have complete access to their chosen uniform range online where individuals (employees) or franchise/division management can shop online as they please.

Allocation management is also a key tool to the custom online ordering site – if required individual accounts can be set up with a subsidy allocation, therefore enabling employees to monitor their own subsidy  What’s more, this system allows customers to remain up to date by receiving product updates, order history and real time tracking.


Integrated Thinker

The core focus is to manage, service and cater to businesses of all sizes and structures. Our processes, structures and systems have all been developed with the objective of managing large and small to medium clients (50-150,000 employees).

We have invested heavily in developing our own customised IT system that integrates all aspects of the business.  The integration extends to the warehouse linking stock management, fulfillment and logistics. As a result, providing you with real time access to all KPI information, including current and previous orders, stock levels and expense to date. The system ensures control, accuracy & efficiency in inventory control, collateral management, subsidy management, order tracking and processing.

Mini Store Demo

To gain access to view our mini store please contact us and we will set you up with login details.


Our dedicated marketing team is briefed on your account to ensure that your corporate identity is correctly and suitably defined and communicated to your employees and target market.

During the course of the uniform contract, our marketing team will be assisting in the uniform design, the uniform launch and preparing ongoing communication with employees about uniform updates and tips through email and direct mail. Whether it is setting up photo shoots, creating customised catalogues or running a fashion show for your business, you will have a passionate marketing team working with you to ensure a successful uniform program.

Fashion Show (for new uniforms or if applicable):

To launch the new uniform range and create a buzz of excitement, we are able to coordinate and host a fashion show at one of the sites or at a conference event. The fashion show will showcase the new range to employees, directors, board members and higher management.

Video Launch:

For those clients who want to showcase their story, we can create a video of the behind the scenes design and research work that led up to the uniform launch. Another video option is a ‘styled by’ where the chosen range is modelled in various ways it can be worn. 

Photo shoot:

We are happy to coordinate an on-location photo shoot. Employees will be used as the models, to capture the uniform in action. These images can be used by the customer and Total Image Group to promote the new range and brand image. Alternatively, we can shoot your range at our studio at TIG HQ. 

Catalogue/Uniform Policy:

A customised catalogue can be designed for the uniform range. The catalogue will feature product information, images of the products and the customer’s corporate clothing policy.
At the point of induction this catalogue can be distributed with instructions on how to order the right uniform range.

Email Campaigns

A key part of our Marketing efforts is through email campaigns which feature product updates, sales and promotions to employees.

The email campaigns can be sent straight from our email manager or by head office. Our email campaign manager allows us to report on open rate, CTR, popular links and enquiry tracking.

Staff Engagement Programs

We believe it is extremely important to understand the needs of staff when it comes to a new uniform range. Not only to understand how they feel about their current range but also what they would like to see changed.

As knowledge is power, we can conduct surveys with staff and carry out workshops to understand the needs and wants with select department representatives.

As an ongoing service, we also regularly carry out online staff surveys to obtain staff feedback and sentiment regarding their uniform range. This information helps with forward planning, creating new pieces and flagging any issues.

Inventory & Warehousing

Inventory Management 

It is important to consider inventory management, turnaround times and costs when creating a new uniform range. Depending on the size of your business and budget, we can recommend either a stock service uniform range, custom designed range or a mixture of both. By mixing the range it allows for key products to be custom designed and the rest of the products to be coordinated from our stock range, reducing stock levels and overall costs.



We utilise a warehouse management system that is designed to provide all necessary information to ensure a smooth pick and pack of orders and tracking of all deliveries.

The electronic scan and pack system make it easier to manage and track all orders and being integrated to our online business system, allows for warehousing and stock management solutions to be managed in real time. This can be customised to assist your company in maintaining the necessary levels of uniform inventory.

We offer our contracted clients warehousing and inventory management as part of our uniform management package. This includes warehousing stock, pick, pack and delivery of orders as well as forecasting stock for production levels. The pick and pack process is continuously audited and can be managed in bulk, by location or individually.