How a Team Uniform can contribute to Employee Morale

A team uniform at a glance can seem like a clever branding vehicle and a regime for embedding consistency within a large team – or multi-site organisation. But, there is a bigger often unrealised benefit for your organisation – team uniforms have been shown to have an impact on employee morale.

So what is employee morale? Employee morale is the overall viewpoint of individuals in the workplace, including emotions, attitudes, outlook, and satisfaction level. Good morale among employees leads to positive, confident, and satisfied employees.

A team uniform can positively affect team morale in a number of ways

  1. Team Effort

Wearing a uniform helps your employees feel a sense of comradery, strengthening their connection to the team. Staff who wear a uniform are more likely to feel a sense of belonging and foster positive emotions and attitudes towards their job.

  1. Level Playing Field

When there is a uniform rolled out through all levels of the organisation, employees feel less pressure to “dress to impress” and feel that they are valued for their contribution whether it be on the sales room floor or in the boardroom.

  1. Increased Accountability

Most employees will feel an unconscious responsibility to represent your brand, when in a uniform. They feel like an extension of your business, and the trust placed in them can lead to higher levels of job satisfaction.

Overall focussing on employee morale and as such “happiness” has direct effects on your bottom line, according to the research company, Gallup, engaged employees are committed, love their job and care about what happens to the company they work for. This ultimately leads to higher levels of performance, and as Gallup explains, “better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and 21% higher profitability”. 

All uniforms aren’t created equal though. To effectively engage your employees with a team uniform, you need to ensure there has been a conscious consideration of their needs throughout the design process.

The most successful uniforms are those that by design, recognise diversity across multiple fronts including that of functional demands, gender, body shape and age. A uniform that can transcend and adapt to this diversity, upholding comfort and function in a design that is widely liked, will be accepted more positively and foster increased morale, as employees feel listened to, appreciated and valued for their differences.

At Total Image Group, we work to understand your business and your employees, and guide you to consider more than just the design of the uniform, instead the impact it will have on your employees and the positive outcomes with will deliver.

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