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The best year 12 jersey names

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How to Design a Year 12 Jersey

A Year 12 Jersey is more than just a part of the uniform for the graduating class. It’s also a lasting memento of some of their most formative experiences, so it needs to be suitably representative of both the school and the student, as well as able to stand the test of time (and the test of being worn by a 17 year old!)

School colours, design options, fabrics and optional embroidery – it can look overwhelming. That doesn’t even mention navigating the gauntlet that is Year 12 Jersey nicknames (we can help, don’t worry!). We’re dedicated to making this process as painless as possible, so on top of offering FREE nation-wide shipping and individualised named-garment bags to make distributing the jerseys a breeze, we’ve also put together a short guide on designing a year 12 School Leavers jersey.

If you need more detail or have any questions, you can browse our range, or our resident Uniform Experts are only an enquiry form away!

The Best Year 12 Jersey Names: Owning the Nickname Game

School Leavers jerseys just aren’t complete without the addition of a personalised name above the graduating year. Your school administration or graduation committee might opt for students to only have their first or last name, but being able to choose your own nickname is a chance for the soon-to-be graduates to create a unique piece of memorabilia.

The chance for creativity can also cause a few dilemmas, however. It’s smooth sailing for anyone with a pre-existing nickname, but for everyone else, it can be tough to think up something catchy by which to remember your Year 12 self. It’s just as tricky for teachers and administrators, to make sure that everyone’s nicknames abide by school guidelines and fit into the jacket width.

Need some ideas for year 12 jersey nicknames? For student and teachers alike, here’s some simple and very honest advice you can use when choosing school leaver jersey nicknames.

Keep it Appropriate

You’re a school leaver – but you haven’t quite left yet. You still gotta play by school rules. Keep the nicknames PG-rated and you won’t incur the disapproval of your year coordinator.

Remember: Urban Dictionary is a well known resource – even amongst teachers – and it will be used to filter out bad submissions.

Make it Timeless

If we can promise you anything, it’s this: not everything you find hilarious in high school will be funny in 5 years. Or two years. Or like, 6 months from now. Don’t get the Tik Tok trend of the moment emblazoned on the back of your jacket, or you’ll have a precious high-school memento that will make no sense to anyone when you look back on it in 10 years time.

Personal anecdote: I had a school peer who thought it would was hilarious to get “#sorandomXD” on his jacket. He works in finance now. He wishes he’d chosen something else.

Brainstorm with your Mates

They know you the best, so why not check with them first? Screen out underwhelming ideas and throw in suggestions for your friends.

Get Creative

What makes you, you? What do you love, what do people know you for, what do other people call you? Think about your background, your talents, your claims to fame. There’s never anything wrong with a good pun, or a play on your initials.

Real Life Examples:

Last name Waters, loves science? H20.

First name Ruby with Russian heritage? Rubles.

Initials B.I.W? The Notorious B.I.W

Surname McCarthy and worked at McDonalds? Big Mac.

Initials E.T? That one writes itself.

Still Stuck?

Still stumped on ideas? Need to get the creative juices flowing? We’ve compiled some name generators below to help you get started.

Year 12 Jersey Name Generator




How to Design Your Year 12 Jersey

The jersey design needs to both appropriately represent the school whilst allowing the Graduating class to stand out from the student body. Plus, each year likely wants to have a different design than the year before, to represent the unique impact they had during their time on school grounds.

Total Image Group have simplified the process by creating six high-quality and contemporary jersey designs for you to choose from.

Plus they come with plenty of features, including high-quality fabrics and stitching, an optional phone pocket and embroidery.

Year 12 Jersey features

Choose Your Jersey Colours

Getting the right colour combinations and layout is a crucial step. Total Image Group offers the following colours to help you build your Year 12 jersey. All our designs can be customised using these colours, in whichever combination best fits your school and your graduates!

year 12 jersey colour options

School Logo and Embroidery

Your school emblem is what makes a year 12 jersey – a part of uniform, a representation of your school, and also lasting piece of memorabilia for the student’s schooling experience. Simply supply your logo artwork to our Uniform Wizards (they’ll get in contact with you after you make an enquiry!) and it will appear on your jersey art mockup, simple as!

If you’re unhappy with your mock-up, whether it be your logo, colour choices or design, we offer up to THREE FREE re-designs, to ensure you’re getting the perfect product.


The final step – personalisation! As well as the graduating class year on the back of the jersey, we offer optional embroidery on the right chest, as well as the option for a name or nickname on the back.

For students, choosing these names is the most crucial part of the whole process. It’s a daunting task that can make or break your entire Year 12 Jersey – make sure you use our Name Generator recommendations above!

Delivery and Distribution

We offer FREE SHIPPING Australia-wide, and you can expect to see your Jerseys arrive to your school about 12 weeks after you sign off on your final design! Plus, we put all jerseys into individually-named bags, to make distributing them to your students as easy as reading a name tag.

Keen to Learn More?

Ready to get designing your Jersey? Learn more in our catalogue, feel free to browse our range or submit an enquiry!

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