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Work Pants for Women: Find Your Perfect Pair

Whatever your style, find the work pants and separates that work best for you in Total Image Group’s fashionable corporate workwear range. 

Work pants that Work for Women  

After a large portion of the workforce spent 2020 working at home, there’s probably plenty of us that would prefer to keep sweatpants and PJs as our corporate uniform. It’s an appealing (and very comfy) idea, but it’s not likely to become a reality in the corporate sphere anytime soon.  

Whilst you might have to give up the elasticated waistbands and flannelette, you don’t have to compromise on comfort either. TIG are here to help you find the perfect pants to solve all your problems. 

Finding the right fit 

Maybe skirts are your go-to choice for the office; perhaps you’ve always preferred dresses to trousers. Even if pants aren’t your preference, having a good selection of trousers is a wise choice for a corporate environment. That said, even the most amazing selection of pants is useless unless they fit correctly – not just on your body, but into your office dress code, too.  

When shopping for work pants, there are a few elements you should pay close attention to: 


If you can’t sit comfortably in your work pants, then they are too tight. If your waist is between sizes, always buy the bigger size and make the adjustments needed.  


What kind of style suits both you and your office? Straight leg pants are always safe option for most workplaces, but a wide leg style is an on-trend look that looks great with a fitted blouse or shirt. A skinny leg trousers paired with a brogue or loafer is always a chic vibe for a more creative workplace.  


What kind of shoes do you generally wear to the office – heels or flats? Where would you like you pants to fall – just above the ground, above the shoe, or on the ankle? Will they be cuffed or uncuffed. Consider these questions to avoid owning an otherwise perfect pair of pants with a hem that drags along the ground. 

Product Spotlight: Siena & Lawson  

Meet Siena and Lawson, two modern work pant options to keep you feeling comfortable and looking professional. 

Womens Siena Adjustable Waist Pant

Womens Siena Adjustable Waist Pant

 A classic style and a must-have for the working wardrobe, these pants have everything:  

  • a hidden elastic waist, for ultimate comfort whilst standing and seated. 
  • functional pockets deep enough to carry your phone in 
  • a streamlined leg shape that creates a perfectly professional silhouette.  

Plus, they’re made in a soft but durable fabric with breathable viscose and elastane for stretch, ensuring you’re comfortable from the AM until it’s time to clock off.   

Ladies Lawson Chino Pant

Ladies Lawson Chino Pant

A versatile solution to a complicated modern working world, the Lawson Chinos are easily dressed up or down depending on your needs. They also feature: 

  • 98% natural cotton fibre, making them an option for any weather. 
  • Fabric with a soft, lived-in feel – like they’re already your favourite old pair of pants. 
  • 4 functional pockets: for the modern woman that has stuff (or hands!) and likes a real pocket to put them in  
Need More Options?

If you’re still on the lookout for your perfect fit, or you need more colour options, styles or features, talk to our team about custom designing your unique workwear. 

Find these perfect pants and other office-friendly trousers, bottoms and separates in Total Image Group’s corporate uniform range.

Book in a consultation call

Do you need help working out the best uniform range for you and your business? We can help! To ensure we direct you to the best person in our team to discuss your requirements – whether your uniform and promotional needs are now or in the future – let’s learn a bit more about you. We look forward to speaking soon!

Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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