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Our Sustainability Commitment
Working towards a sustainable future for all.

We created the TIG Sustainability Commitment so we don’t forget the change we want to make in the world.

At TIG, we are working towards a sustainable future. We want to ensure that we protect our environment and do everything we can to contribute to the longevity of our precious planet.

We create uniforms that tell a brand story, with a sustainable approach to our supply chains, our processes, and our people. 

Durable, purpose-made, ethically sourced uniforms are part of a sustainable fashion future where we all do our part.

Total Image Group is focused on closing the gap.


More than 50% of Australians wear a uniform to work


10 000 to 15 000 tonnes of unwanted workwear is generated per year

97% of clothing emissions are generated during production and use

This means that intervention at the manufacturing level is critical to a sustainable industry future. 

Sustainability heroes don't wear capes.
They wear uniforms

Uniforms are made tough.

They’re made to last and represent your brand through every customer experience. Because we make uniforms durable and fit for purpose, there’s less turnover of staff uniforms.

They stay looking good through regular wash and wear, so your staff have a reliable, consistent outfit for work.

If your workforce are supplying their own workwear, they’re more likely to buy from fast fashion stores, where over a third of products end up in landfill within a year.

Investing in a uniform for your workforce is an investment in your brand and in your own sustainability commitment. All Total Image Group uniforms are manufactured to the highest standard, and we don’t mess around when it comes to a sustainable approach.

We Promise:

Durable fabrics and interlining specifically designed for uniforms 

High quality threads and stitch density for long lasting durability  

Third party certified laboratories to test that all our fabrics and garments meet our wash, wear and durability standards.

The confidence that we walk the walk in ensuring ethical and sustainable practices in our supply chain. 

We Recognise Our Entire Supply Chain

We're committed to fulfilling our corporate and social responsibility.

Total Image Group is working to better understand the current state of our end-to-end textiles supply chain and develop an approach to help enhance sustainability.

Our vision is for all our uniform textile products to be sustainably designed, sustainably produced, and made with quality that lasts.

Our Initial Focus

Informed by research from the Australian Circular Textiles Association
  • Sourcing fibers sustainably through our entire supply chain, with a primary focus on our cotton and polyester sourcing
  • Using sustainable chemistry to ensure best practices with chemicals used in dyes and reduce their use 
  • Reducing the impact of manufacturing through our ethical sourcing policy and ethical employment practices
  • Managing our garments throughout their entire lifecycle, and finding new ways to repurpose, reuse and recycle garments with an objective of zero ending up in landfill.
  • Striving to improve our packaging by investigating and investing in durable and ethical solutions to keep both the garments and the environment protected. 


It’s not enough to do the right thing in your own backyard.

Our ethical supplier sourcing policy puts every link in the supply chain in the spotlight for a transparent view of providers and manufacturers upholding highest ethical standards across fabric, labour, human rights, fair working conditions and environmental protection. 

We look for suppliers that have a commitment to implementing policies and practices consistent with our own. What does that mean? We work with companies who put people first and support environmental and social sustainability.


Total Image Group is committed to providing its customers with quality products that are ethically produced. As a business we have a moral responsibility in respecting and promoting human rights and addressing and eradicating Modern Slavery.

We do this by ensuring our suppliers and manufacturers across our supply chain uphold the highest ethical labour standards, human rights, fair working conditions and environment protection.

We recognise our corporate and social responsibilities reside as much in our supply chain as in our own activities. We continually seek to ensure that the products and services we source are ethically produced.

Suppliers who respect, comply with or interpret at the organizational level relevant laws, regulations treaties, covenants or other agreements are preferred. We look for suppliers that demonstrate a commitment to implementing policies and practices consistent with our own. 

Our chosen preferred suppliers are deeply committed to sourcing products and services in an ethically responsible manner. Our key supplier adheres to all the international manufacturing standards including:

Sourcing Fibres Sustainably

rolls of cotton




For many textiles, the story begins with cotton and the fields where it’s grown.

Key challenges to achieving a more sustainable cotton supply include climate change, resource depletion, and traceability. 

We are working closely with our suppliers to increase visibility into where cotton is sourced and grown for our TIG Brand apparel and locally sourced textile products, as well as trying to build a better understanding of conditions in key cotton sourcing regions globally and the sustainability risks arising in the face of climate change.

This research and collaboration will help guide TIG’s approach to support cotton sustainability improvements in the future.

According to Textile Exchange, polyester is the most used fiber in the world and accounts for roughly half of the fiber market. 

While polyester is manmade, it is becoming more feasible to create recycled polyester fiber from pre- or post-consumer plastic waste. 

As a leader in the Australian Uniform Textiles space, Total Image Group aspires to help create a more circular economy, moving away from a take-make-dispose approach, to one where resources are preserved in production, and the materials are ultimately recycled back into the economic stream.

Our goal is to increase the use of recycled polyester fiber in TIG produced apparel and locally sourced products whilst maintaining the quality our customers expect and reducing environmental impact within our supply chain.


Durability and longevity don’t need to come with a heavy production footprint. It feels good to recycle, right? But closing the loop means choosing products that are not only sustainable, but created from recycled or repurposed materials.

Our sustainable fabric choices include:

  • REPREVE fibre made from 100% recycled plastic bottles – looks and washes like polyester
  • SEAWOOL – a completely sustainable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles and ground oyster shell. 
  • sustainably grown and produced bamboo fabric.

We make it simple for you to choose the right sustainable option for your organisation.

Reducing the Impact of Manufacturing

Through our ethical sourcing policy

Our China factories are all certified in quality control. They have qualifications in: ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management Systems Certifications) and ISO 14001:1996 (Environmental Management Systems Certification).

All fabrics are put through ITS (Shanghai) to ensure that all standards are met. Tests include colour and light fastness, tear strength, seam slippage and pilling.

All garments are manufactured to a prepared specification which is either nominated by or approved by each customer. Total Image provides its customers with a pre-production fabric for approval prior to shipment. QC managers inspect garments throughout the manufacturing, sewing and packaging process to ensure that specifications are met.

All products manufactured and sourced locally through our supplier partners will have undergone strict product testing to meet the uniform clothing standards required in Australia. 

Our Manufacturing Heritage

Our manufacturing experience stems from over 40 years of family history

Total Image was conceived through an evolution of fashion manufacturing established by Tradebond International. 

Tradebond is an Australian owned family business and is one of the leading manufacturers, supplier and licensee of several prominent international and Australian brands. 

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Tradebond’s dealing were primarily as a preferred wholesaler to major retailers and brands. After being approached by several corporate clients to coordinate and manufacture a uniform range, Tradebond’s management saw this as an opportunity to launch in the corporate arena and introduced Total Image Group. 


Manufacturing in China isn’t new for TIG, and it plays an important part in our business growth. George Jabbour, our Chairman and former CEO of Tradebond, worked with the manufacturers in China for more than forty years, as well as building the TIG China office. 

Located in Qingdao, in the Shandong province, our China office is where our specialised team communicate with our Australian team daily.

Years of cooperation not only help our manufacturers build a thorough understanding on our quality and test standard, but also make them the most reliable partners even during the global pandemic.


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Our team in China are wonderful and talented people, which is why we have been working with these manufacturers for our major products for so many years.

Our dedicated team of quality control and production employees are based on the ground and supervise the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. 

Our QC managers inspect garments throughout the manufacturing, sewing and packaging process to ensure that specifications are met. When required, our QC team provides testing reports for all production for a full analysis of quality control.

A Circular TIG
End of Life Solutions


Our sustainability commitment is not only focusing on the production of new garments but also existing and pre-worn products to avoid creating more landfill.

We are committed to ethically managing our garments throughout their entire lifecycle, and finding new ways to repurpose, reuse and recycle garments

We recommend a variety of after life solutions, depending on fabric composition, location and condition of your old uniform.

We have a dedicated TIG Sustainability Lead who can discuss options available, and recommendations based on location.

If you need help in deciding which solution is best for you reach out to us and we can work through your recycle program together.

Our Packaging Commitment



We pack all our 635,000 picked garments within zero-waste, fully recyclable and photodegradable PACKS from The Better Packaging Co, and use recyclable cardboard boxes. 

That means all TIG uniform deliveries arrive at your door in a 100% compostable bag – so even your garden will thank you!

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All TIG uniform deliveries that require poly bags are packed in environmentally responsible plastic bags.

The poly bag is based on oxo-biodegradable technology which will degrade, then ultimately biodegrade into CO2, H2O and biomass as the final remnant in the presence of oxygen, micro-organisms, moisture and soil.

swing tags
When we realised that swing tags were going straight from our garments into the bin. we stoppped using them. Since late 2020, that’s saved over 350 000 unwanted swing tags ending up in landfill. 
Additionally, we have removed all collar stays and plastic pins from our new garment deliveries and highly encourage that all uniforms we embroider are delivered to you perfectly packed without polybags. 



Want to find out more about our sustainability commitment?

Need a sustainable uniform solution? Want to know more about uniform end-of-life processes? Just looking for more info? 

Fill in the form below and our team will help you find the sustainable solution that’s right for your business. 

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