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West HQ

Key Highlights:

  • A uniform range curated for numerous departments
  • A complete rebrand from Rooty Hill RSL to West HQ
  • The introduction of multiple, unique uniforms for new venues

The Brief

West HQ has been a valued client since 2014. In the more than 7 years since, their uniform requirements have evolved to match their growing brand. Total Image Group was able to curate a uniform that both coordinated and differentiated the numerous departments within the club.

The Perfect Fit for Every Department

The current West HQ covers an area of approximately nine hectares, with a huge number of staff required to look after the 60,000 club members. Such a large operation required a vast range of fit-for-purpose products. Total Image Group dresses the staff who work in Customer Service, the Gaming Area, Cleaning and Maintenance, the Sydney Coliseum Theatre as well as the Back and Front of House of various outlets in their Dining Precinct. These include New Town Thai, Eat Street Bar, Chur Burger, Corner Café, Steak & Co by Sean Connolly & PizzAperta Manfredi.

Each uniform has evolved over time based on the needs of the staff in each role. The range includes everything from professional suiting, ties, and scarves for Customer Service, to Hi-Vis polos and outerwear for Maintenance, to hard-wearing Chef’s jackets and aprons. Each dining venue has a specifically curated uniform, with its own unique logos or designs. Every product was carefully selected with the input of West HQ staff members. Whenever there is a new addition or change to the uniform range, a department member tries on a final selection of items to test the comfort and fit.

Streamlining the West HQ Ordering Process

With a diverse and multitudinous range of garments, West HQ required a streamlined and simplified ordering process. Total Image Group provided an Online Store, where each department manager can order for their team. The store was further tailored to West HQ’s needs by ensuring that managers only have access to their specific range. This prevents any confusion with products that are not part of their department uniform. All stock is delivered to the West HQ site in Rooty Hill.

Total Image Group is proud to provide uniforms to West HQ, and excited to help them grow and develop their image and brand in the years to come.

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Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

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