Unity Through Uniform: From Office to Warehouse

When your business spans across multiple workplaces with employees who fill a variety of roles, it’s important to maintain a sense of unity across the entire workforce. Whether they’re in the warehouse, the office, serving customers or making deliveries, your team deserve to be dressed in comfortable, practical and good-looking uniforms. Here are just a few of the benefits you could gain from a well-designed uniform range.

A Uniform Creates Unity and Equality

Uniform has an equalizing effect on any workplace. This is most important when your business spans multiple locations or operations.

Divisions that might arise between office and warehouse staff can be mitigated by levelling the playing field with a uniform range. Senior staff and management are far more approachable and less intimidating when they dress like everyone else. Consistent colours, branding and dress codes hold all employees to the same standard and demonstrate that everyone is deserving of equal respect.

For example, beverages company Lion Co. worked with Total Image Group to provide their corporate and warehouse employees with uniforms. Each garment fulfilled the practical and safety requirements of their very different roles, whilst keeping them linked with a prominent brand logo and complementary colour palettes.

In uniform, your team is more cohesive, more collaborative, and have a greater sense of team spirit. No matter their role or location, their uniform means that will find a sense of belonging within your company.

Your Employees are Brand Ambassadors

What better way to promote your brand than by having your employees wear branded clothing? It’s a simple way to get extra exposure for your business, but you want to create a positive impression. Colour, design and logo are vital elements in creating a cohesive, visually pleasing range for your entire staff.

In a well-designed uniform, your employees will stand out wherever they are – be it on the job or on break. A good uniform can help to instill a sense of pride and unity in employees; they transform into brand ambassadors whenever they step into their workwear.

Fantastic Furniture decided to refresh their uniform, they worked with Total Image Group to develop a range that perfectly captured the style and attitude of their new branding. Their aim was to reinforce the sense of joy and comfort customers should feel when shopping for bedding and furniture. Bright and playful, their uniform was designed to communicate the vibrancy of the brand. Whether in-store, in the warehouse or during a delivery, all team members were representing Fantastic Furniture in a positive and eye-catching way.

Read more about Fantastic Furniture’s uniform journey here.

Save Your Team Time and Money with a Uniform

No one enjoys staring helplessly at their wardrobe every morning, feeling at a loss about what to wear to work.

A uniform eliminates this problem for your employees. Without constantly having to purchase work clothes or create new outfits everyday, your employees will save time and money. Moreover, it also ensures that your employees are always wearing work-appropriate clothing that were purpose-built for their role.

With a “No Bull” attitude at Pedders, no one on their team wanted to waste time on figuring out what to wear every morning. Collaborating with Total Image Group, they created a no-fuss uniform range that made getting ready a no-brainer for their employees, so they could concentrate on the jobs that really matter.

There are too many benefits to ignore when it comes to creating a cohesive uniform range. Is your business ready for a uniform refresh? Get in touch with Total Image Group to create the ideal look for your team and for your brand.

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