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Total Image Group Unveils the “Double Denim” Uniform, a Stylish Ode to Workwear Heritage 

Total Image Group (TIG) is thrilled to introduce its newest staff uniform: the “Double Denim” look. This cutting-edge ensemble pays homage to denim’s enduring allure while championing circular fashion practices. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inspiration behind this distinctive uniform and how it reflects TIG’s dedication to quality, durability, and fit for purpose.

Originally conceived as sturdy workwear for 19th-century labourers, denim has evolved from its industrial origins to become a globally embraced fashion symbol. Charting denim’s remarkable journey, from Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis’s groundbreaking invention in 1873 to its Hollywood and fashion prominence, TIG’s “Double Denim” uniform encapsulates the fabric’s rich history.

Inspired by denim’s history for use in workwear, due to its sturdy construction, TIG’s new uniform provides staff with a uniform that will stand the test of time, which emphasises TIG’s dedication to quality, longevity, and purpose in uniform design. Pamela Jabbour, TIG’s CEO and designer says “In introducing the ‘Double Denim’ uniform, we aim to redefine corporate wear by blending the enduring charm of denim with a smart casual ethos. This collection pays homage to the historical evolution of uniforms and injects a sense of fun within our team”.

Pamela Jabbour in double denim uniform

In light of growing concerns about the environmental impact of fast fashion, the adoption of circular fashion practices for garments has become imperative in the fashion industry. Data from THREDUP reveals a significant surge in the production of garments, doubling since 2000 to reach approximately 100 billion per year, with projections indicating a potential tripling by 2050. Simultaneously, the frequency of garment use has declined by nearly 40%.  Recognising the urgent need for change, the most impactful action for our planet is to reduce consumption and embrace a culture of reuse and recycle. Using THREDUP’s fashion footprint calculator, it has been estimated that owning a few key uniform garments can reduce an individual’s fashion carbon footprint by up to 77%.

TotaI Image Group Full Team in denim uniforms

Embracing the ethos of quality over quantity, fit for purpose, and designs geared towards durability, washability, and reusability, TIG’s “Double Denim” uniform is grounded in the belief that a couple of well-crafted denim pieces can endure a lifetime. As a responsible organisation committed to be better, do better, and foster a collective responsibility towards the environment, TIG has sourced its new uniform from a like-minded supplier. The supplier’s transparent supply chain showcases 100% visibility into fabric sources and 95% transparency regarding yarn sources and raw cotton agents, underscoring their ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact.

As TIG pioneers the “Double Denim” look in their uniforms, they set an example for other businesses to combine style and quality to reduce fashion waste, proving that uniforms can be both trendy and environmentally responsible.

Total Image Group Sales team in denim uniform

Get in touch with Total Image Group to explore options for updating or designing a new uniform that your staff will love, and to explore ways to responsibly manage your current uniform at the end of its lifecycle.

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