Total Image Group Unveil Bonza’s Debut Uniform

Total Image Group are thrilled to reveal the debut uniform range for Bonza, Australia’s new, and only independent, low-cost airline. The range was unveiled at a purple carpet fashion show in the Sunshine Coast Airport Hangar.

The Legends at Bonza will be be boarding their inaugural flight later this year. Total Image Group have guaranteed that they’ll be taking to the skies in style!

In the spirit of Bonza’s fun, down-to-earth and authentically Aussie personality, their uniform breaks the mould of traditional airline dress codes. Instead, the range takes inspiration from contemporary dressing; the focus is on comfort, casual style and a “wear it your own way” attitude.  

Designed as a Mix & Match range, the Bonza uniform prioritises versatility and self-expression. The range encourages Bonza Legends to make their uniform work best for them. In each garment, a unique Bonza wash label reads: “Bonza attitude stitched into everything we do”

“Our brief was clear. Create a uniform that Bonza legends will wear with pride. We know airline uniforms are the land that time forgot and we wanted to change that with our partners at Total Image Group,” said Carly Povey, Chief Commercial Officer at Bonza.

A Game Changing Look

Total Image Groups’ fresh approach to the Bonza’s uniform is game changing for the airline industry. Alongside vivid purple blazers and contemporary slim-cut trousers, the diverse range features garments that have been long overlooked by airlines but are the perfect fit for a busy cabin crew.  

Mandatory heels are out, and the Bonza white sneaker is in. The sneaker is a street-style staple that adds equal measures of comfort and cool to each Bonza look. The tailored shorts, for both Men and Women, offer all the polish of a classic pant, plus the versatility of added movement and comfort in hot Aussie climates.  

An essential in any modern wardrobe is a tee, and the same goes for the Bonza Legends. Made from high-quality fabric, the white tee is breathable, versatile and a cornerstone of the range. It offers the perfect balance of comfort, casual chic and Bonza attitude.  

“Flying was a joy that was denied to so much of the world for so long, so Bonza taking to the skies and offering Australia a new opportunity for travel feels like such a monumental moment. I really wanted the uniforms to reflect that excitement and optimism, which is also so much a part of the Bonza brand.” said Pamela Jabbour, Total Image Group CEO and Head Designer.

“They’re ditching the rules and bringing something brand new to the airline industry, and the uniform shows that. It’s fun, it’s full of personality. I believe it will empower the Bonza legends to take pride in styling their uniform their way.” 

The Details

The distinctive Bonza purple is the undeniable hero of the collection. Featured in big and small ways across the range, the vibrant hue represents Bonza’s optimism and bold new approach to air travel. The soft purple of the Ladies Shorts, Sleeveless Coat and Shirt Dress are unmistakably Bonza, but more subtle accents also tell the brand story. Details such as the contrast purple lining of the men’s blazer, the purple trim that elevates the white tee, and accessories like the silk scarf and the Bonza ‘Thumbs Up’ pin show Bonza attitude in every garment. 

The Pilot uniform maintains a more traditional design to best represent their level of expertise and responsibility. Their uniform features a classic crisp white button-up, classic tailored pants and a dignified charcoal blazer and silver stripes. Purple lining in the blazer, inside of the shirt collar and shirt logo inject a balanced measure of Bonza personality.

Adaptable to all Aussie climates, the range offers cold and warm weather options. It also highlights versatile layering for guaranteed comfort wherever their next flight takes them. 

The bold new design captures the down-to-earth humour and trailblazing enthusiasm of Bonza in a stunning debut look. Their new range heralds the exciting era of air travel that they’re about to embark on.  

Total Image Group can’t wait to see the Bonza Legends take off from the tarmac in style later this year!

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