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Top Trends in Promotional Merchandise for 2023 

As we approach the conclusion of the year, let’s delve into the most recent and innovative developments that have influenced the promotional merchandise industry in 2023. 

Leading the way are eco-conscious products, demonstrating enhanced sustainability through the use of biodegradable and upcycled materials. Simultaneously, tech gadgets have taken the spotlight, catering to tech-savvy individuals by delivering functionality and practicality. Additionally, wellness and drinkware items have surged in popularity within the promotional merchandise sector, reflecting society’s increasing focus on well-being and self-care. 

Join us as we delve into the world of promotional merchandise, sparking your imagination and inspiring the creation of a fresh lineup of personalised products for your future branded merchandise. 


Trending Promotional Merchandise


Coming into 2024, expect to see more eco-friendly promotional merchandise made from recycled or biodegradable materials, such as reusable tote bags, bamboo utensils, and eco-conscious apparel. This flourishing trend finds its roots in growing environmental awareness among consumers, a surge in demand for sustainable goods, and an active search for eco-friendly alternatives.  

Furthermore, eco-friendly products are a powerful way to align business choices with environmental values, showcasing a firm’s sustainable and responsible approach to consumption, whilst securing a competitive edge over industry contenders. 

Our Top Eco-friendly picks. 

All these items can be decorated with your logo, artwork or branding of choice.

Includes the Byron produce bag, Stax lunch box and Vulcan coffee cup. These items are made from a 50% blend of wheat fibre and BPA free polypropylene and are printed using renewable energy.

Renewable and sustainably made, this bamboo cheese board includes a removable slate insert and four cheese knives.  

Keep your belongings and the environment safe with the anti-theft Nova Backpack. Made from a recycled PET material with cut-proof protection and hidden zipper closures.  


2023 has celebrated the digital era as we witness a surge in the popularity of tech-related promotional merchandise. From sleek wireless chargers to high-quality Bluetooth speakers and custom phone accessories, all things tech has stolen the show. Why?Practicality and universal appeal. In a world increasingly reliant on technology, these gadgets have seamlessly integrated into an array of modern lifestyles. These products can act as a memorable canvas to showcase your brand or artwork.Below we share our top Tech gadgets.

This stunning bluetooth speaker has a 10 metre range and is compatible with all smartphones. Delivering up to 4.5 hours of uninterrupted  playtime. 

A Bluetooth speaker and lamp all in one! Water resistant capabilities mean it is perfect for pool/beach days. The LED lamp allows for 8 different colour options for your ideal mood lighting.

Organise any unruly wires with the Spinni Cable Organiser. This is the perfect promotional merchandise option for corporate clients. 


Wellness goodies have really made their mark in the world of promotional merchandise, mirroring the way we all care more about our well-being these days. With more folks putting self-care and health first, stuff like workout gear, stress-busters, and all-natural products perfectly match this new focus. That’s why they’re fantastic picks for promotional giveaways that can connect with a wide crowd. In 2023, we’ve seen our bestsellers to be custom yoga mats, resistance bands, and wellness kits. The demand for wellness-related promotional items is on the upswing, and it’s only going to get bigger in the coming year! 

Check out our top wellness products that can be personalised to make them distinctly yours. 

Sleek design meets modern functionality. A fine spray, silent air humidifier that is perfect as a client gift or promotional merchandise. 

Includes a Waterproof bag, Zest Lunch Box, Thor Protein Shaker & Cooling Towel! The perfect all in one kit

Includes 3 resistance bands with differing strengths and an exercise guide. 


A move towards health and wellness has also meant a significant surge in Drinkware products utilised for promotional merchandise. As more people prioritise their hydration and overall well-being, reusable bottles stand out as both a practical and eco-friendly promotional merchandise pick. Many firms are turning to reusable coffee cups, water bottles and insulated tumblers adorned with their unique branding as a practical and popular merchandise option. 

Here are our top Drinkware picks:  

Absorption bottle
Sommelier wine testing set

With a sleek powder finish the Byron Bottle is double-walled and& made from a premium stainless steel. Say goodbye to single-use plastics with the included stainless-steel straw. 

This vacuum insulated bottle features an internal copper wall for ultimate conductivity and includes a silicone base. Stay hydrated and keep your drinks cool for 48 hours

Feeling Cheeky, this wine tasting set includes 4 x Stemless wine glasses, serving tray and 2 x chalk. It also features a slate panel for labelling wine varieties. 

As 2023 draws to a close, we’ve witnessed remarkable shifts in the promotional merchandise landscape. Whether sustainability, tech gadgets, wellness or drinkware is what you seek, we have you covered with our top picks. Make a statement with unique and trending promotional merchandise.


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