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Top Tradie Picks for Summer Workwear

When choosing tradie workwear, there’s plenty to consider: durability, comfort, safety and the elements. With a hot and rainy Summer approaching, it’s time to start evaluating whether you have the best options available to wear to the worksite. Tradie Pants and Shirts, Hi-Vis Vests and Workwear, Total Image Group have you covered with our Top Tradie Workwear picks.

Keeping Cool

For tradies working outside under the hot Summer sun, there’s nothing more important than breathable fabric to keep comfortable. Look for lightweight fabrics that are also hard-wearing enough to stand up to the rigors of a worksite. Of course, keep in mind all safety requirements too.

A great range to look at are these Outdoor Shirts. They’re made with a ripstop polyester that’s only 100gsm, which is sturdy very lightweight. Mesh underarms and upper back venting help with airflow, plus the light fabric is crinkle resistant, making it easy to pack away into a small bag at the end of a long day.

For bonus points, they also provide UPF30 sun protection and there are D/N Hi-Vis compliant versions too.

Hard-Wearing Fabric for the Hard-Wearing Tradie

When working in physically taxing conditions, your clothing needs to be able to handle all the heavy lifting too. This calls for a fabric that’s hard-wearing and will last you across multiple worksites without wear and tear.

The Rugged series features are constructed with 100% Square Weave Cotton Ripstop fabric, which is designed to withstand even the toughest worksites. Mesh venting makes for added breathability, and all products have a UPF50+rating.

Keeping Visitors Safe with Hi Vis Vests

On a worksite, it’s always safety first, and that includes everyone beyond just the regular personnel. To keep visitors safe, it’s always good to keep plenty of Hi-Vis vests around that they can put over their shirt.

Handy Pockets for Your Tradie Essentials

Tape measures, spirit levels, keys, mobile phones, gloves, glasses. The list goes on of things a tradie needs to keep handy on the worksite. When you’ve got enough pockets for everything you need, you can avoid constantly returning to your bag, car, desk or toolbox.

Make sure your pants or shorts come with plenty of multi-functional pockets. The garments listed below also come with mechanical stretch and reinforcement at key stress points, so you’ve got the confidence and comfort for full-range movement.

Staying Warm & Dry

There’s nothing worse than being caught out in bad weather without the proper protection from the elements. To keep the wind and rain out, you need the right outerwear. Make sure your products are built for the environment you’re working in: check whether it’s windproof and assess the water-resistance ratings, and that it meets all Hi-Vis requirements. Comfort and ease of movement might also be a factor, so fabrics with elastane will help with stretch.

Looking for a new Tradie Uniform?

Looking for more workwear options? Browse our full range of Hi Vis and Workwear, or speak to one of our resident workwear experts to help you curate the best uniform for your business or trade.

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