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The Perfect Fit Out

We know how important it is for staff to have the opportunity to try on their new range prior to roll out. Read on to find out more about our comprehensive Uniform Fit Out services.

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    Finding the Right Fit

    Finding the right size when you’re shopping online can be an almost impossible task. In fact, one fifth of online shoppers return their purchases with over 50% citing incorrect size as the reason for return. It can be impossible to know for sure whether you’re getting the right size, not to mention if it’s the correct fit, fabric or colour!

    This process is doubly frustrating for staff trying to get their uniform, because it’s the clothing they urgently need for their workday. Having to return the wrong size, or being disappointed in the fit or feel of the garment is a huge blow to morale and their overall attitude toward their uniform.

    We want every part of your uniform journey to be as simple and positive as possible, which is why we offer a comprehensive fit-out service to clients who want to know exactly what they’ll be getting when they order their uniform.

    What is a Fit Out?

    A fit out is basically a try-before-you-buy opportunity for staff. This is the point in the uniform journey where the products have all been finalised and approved, and we’re just waiting on finishing touches before the range rolls out.

    For large and small businesses alike, this is an invaluable part of the uniform design process, as all orders are done through bulk order forms or via an online website. With a fit out, all staff can find out which sizes and garments they will want to order.

    After decades of experience, we know how important it is that all staff have the opportunity to try on their new range. We provide a fully equipped fitting team as well as a (very cool) TIG van that can cross the country fitting out employees! We’ve provided fit-outs for a wide variety of organisations of all sizes, all across Australia, and know how to make it a fun and engaging experience for your staff.

    Depending on your number of locations or employees, we offer the following range of services.

    Onsite Fitting Days

    We come to you, and can help assist on the day to help employees choose the right products and order the correct allocation. We can visit multiple different locations, or one location like Head Office, to reach as many of your employees as possible. We’ll bring multiple sizes for employees to try, and assist them with fit and feel. Perhaps they’re in between sizes and need advice, or we can give suggestions on which garments would work best together for them – whatever their questions, our friendly team will be there to help. We can also organise pre-awareness posters or flyers to distribute on location that can provide all the relevant information, supplemented by email communications direct to your staff.

    Send & Return Fit Kit

    A second option for your organisation is a fit kit. When visiting in-person is not a possibility, we can organise a full Fit Kit to be sent to your locations, and your people can manage their own fitting!

    The kit will come complete with all the garments and sizes you request, along with a checklist of products, a schedule, size charts and measuring tape, a product catalogue and how to order guide. For large organisations with multiple locations, we can manage several fit kits across an extended timeline, restocking and refreshing your kits at regular intervals.

    Our friendly sales and customer service team will still be available to help staff with queries via email or phone.


    If you do not want to order the entire range, but would still like staff to interact directly with a few samples, we can send a limited sample set out to you. This may be more manageable for locations with fewer staff or departments that other branches, and is a less thorough but speedier option.

    Both send and return fit kits and samples do have a cost involved however we can run through this when discussing your fit out needs.

    Wrap Up

    We want to make your Uniform Journey as smooth as possible, by giving you and your staff every opportunity to find the right fit before they purchase. Talk to one of our Uniform Experts today to find out more about Fit Out options and how else we can help you find the perfect fit for your brand!

    Book in a consultation call

    Do you need help working out the best uniform range for you and your business? We can help! To ensure we direct you to the best person in our team to discuss your requirements – whether your uniform and promotional needs are now or in the future – let’s learn a bit more about you. We look forward to speaking soon!

    Who is TIG

    Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

    We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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