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Summer to Autumn Wardrobe Transition: Seasonal Uniform Tips 

For those in industries where uniforms are a staple, navigating the seasonal shift can be a challenge, especially in cities like Sydney with its diverse climate. Total Image Group, leaders in custom and branded uniforms, provide essential seasonal uniform tips to seamlessly transition from the sunny days of summer to the crisp air of autumn and well into winter.  

Total Image Group’s Seasonal Uniform Tips:  

Seasonal Uniform Tips Infographic

Introduce Layering Essentials 

Introducing layering pieces such as cardigans, vests, mid-weight jackets, and blazers allows employees to adjust to the changing temperatures of the season. Ensure that these garments are consistent with your existing uniform range so they can easily be thrown on for additional warmth, whilst maintaining a professional look. Adding versatile pieces to your range encourages a ‘mix and match’ approach that allows your staff the flexibility to dress for comfort and practicality.  Created with seasonable adaptations in mind, the CVGT Range is a perfect example of foresight into transitioning temperatures, including garments such as a longline cardigan and soft-shell vest.  

CVGT - Tran seasonal Uniform Range

Consider Fabric, Fit & Feel 

Transitioning from breathable summer fabrics to slightly heavier materials is vital to curating a range that is appropriate, all year round. Think about how the uniform will fit and feel. Your uniform range should suit a diverse range of body types, remaining comfortable coming into the cooler seasons. Our seasonal uniform tip is to swap out lightweight fabrics for heavy cotton or wool blends that will keep the team warm. Choosing the right fabric for your uniform can be challenging, however with expert advice Total Image Group can advise on the ideal fabrics for your industry.

Introduce New Colours & Cuts  

Where it is appropriate with your branding, integrate autumnal tones into your uniform range. Think warm burgundies, deep greens, and rich browns. This aligns your uniform with the mood of the temperature shift and can be a fun way to get your team excited about their uniform 

If switching up the colours of your range is not a viable option, consider offering seasonally appropriate alternative options to your existing pieces. For example, include ¾ sleeve-length shirting options or longline cardigans for the ladies. Creating a trans-seasonal range will grant your employees the freedom and flexibility to adapt to the changing temperatures. 

Weather Appropriate Accessories  

Total Image Group’s final seasonal uniform tip is to include weather-appropriate accessories. Incorporating umbrellas, scarves, and headwear into your range ensures that employees are prepared for unexpected rain or chilly winds. It is vital to opt for accessories that complement the company’s dress code ensuring staff will look the part all year round. Knit beanies and gloves offer protection against the  cold whilst a scarf is the perfect way to finish off a work ensemble on a brisk morning.  

Featured Products Total Image Group recommend: 

‘Off-the Shelf’ Seasonal Picks

Sofia Womens Waterfall Cardigan
Osaka Mens Pineapple Knit Jumper 
Ladies Soft Shell Vest
Mens Nova Knit Jacket

        Osaka Mens            Pineapple Knit                 Jumper 

     Ladies Soft Shell                Vest 

       Nova Mens Knit               Jacket 

City Overknit Cardigan
Apex Lightweight Softshell Jacket
AS Colour Knit beanie
Umbra Ultimate Umbrella

        City Overknit 

        Knit Beanie 

  Umbra Ultimate          Umbrella 

Custom Seasonal Picks 

Raine & Horne custom chiffon scarf
Fantastic Furniture custom socks
Stride branded Umbrella

Raine & Horne – Chiffon Scarf 

Fantastic Furniture Socks 

Stride – Branded Umbrella  

For custom design, Total Image Group’s in-house designers immerse themselves in your brand and engage closely with your team to create a product or range that resonates with your vision. 

As summer gives way to autumn, your uniform can effortlessly adjust to the shifting seasons with some carefully chosen choices. By perfecting the skill of layering, integrating fabrics, adding accessories suitable for transitional periods, and embracing a neutral colour scheme, you can create a wardrobe of uniform pieces that effortlessly guides you through the change.   

Contact a Total Image Group uniform expert to discuss adding trans-seasonal uniform pieces for your business.  

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Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

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