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Why School Leavers Polos are not all created equal

Just like the students that wear them, School Leavers polos are a unique representation of the school community. They’re designed to be proudly worn by the students who have worked hard to make their way up to the very top of the primary school ladder. Alongside the awards assemblies, formals and farewell speeches, the School Leavers polo is part of the rite of passage for Year 6 graduates as they take the next step on their journey. 

Organising these polos, then, is no small task. Students, parents and teachers are all counting on you to get it exactly right, and that can seem pretty daunting. To make it a little easier for you, here’s a list of things you should consider as you embark on the design process for your School Leaver Polos.

1. Work Backwards 

When do you need the students to receive their school leavers polo? We allow a minimum of 6 weeks for production, as all designs are custom-made and specific to your school. That 6 weeks starts from the moment that you sign off on your final design, including colours, school badges, and all the graduating students’ names.

A great time to distribute is the beginning of Term 2. This gives you the first few weeks of the school year to consolidate design, names and sizing, and allows for any late enrolment changes.

2. Customise Your School Leavers Polos

The traditional block colour design has fallen out of favour in recent years, and for good reason: there are so many more interesting and creative options! Flowing designs that incorporate multiple colours, lines and shapes have much more character (just like the kids that wear them!). Our website has some great ideas to get you started, or, if you’re blessed with a graphic designer in your parent cohort, you can request a completely customized design. We can even recreate a polo that you’ve seen elsewhere.

The design process is a great way to get students involved too. Choose 2 or 3 options and ask students vote on their favourite. Let the graduates own the final decision.

3. It Doesn’t Fit!

This is definitely NOT something that you want to hear from your students. To prevent it from happening, we send out a complimentary size kit to your school, so that the kids can try on their school leavers polos for themselves. Polo sizing is very standard, but it can be hard to tell with growing bodies! Once you’re finished with the size kit, we will collect it.

4. Too Much Info To Handle

School Leavers Polos front and back
All those names! Don’t worry, we can make organisation a breeze.

With so many students, collecting all their information can be a nightmare – not to even mention distributing the polos! We’ve seen what a hassle this can be for already busy teachers, so we’ve simplified the process. We will send you a very simple spreadsheet to collate student names, sizing and order quantity. These details are then transferred onto individual stickers. When the job is delivered, we will have the polos packed by individual student name, in class bundles – making the distribution a breeze!

5. Polyester WHAT?

Active kids need active-friendly material

Traditionally, polyester has a bit of a bad rep for being sweaty and smelly. This is, thankfully, no longer the case. Polyester technology has come a long way, and the fabric in School Leaver polos is designed for optimum airflow as kids move about. It’s hardwearing and won’t fade or lose shape – making it the perfect attire for an energetic Year 6 student. Polyester isn’t a one-stop solution, however; deodorant is still highly recommended before a sweaty sports session!

6. Talk to Us!

Before you embark on this project, feel free to reach out to our team of uniform experts. We are happy to help guide you through all your options. You might not be able to find your perfect design when you first look online, because it doesn’t exist yet – but we can bring it to life for you.

Written by Kristy Farr

About the Author

Kristy has over 9 years experience within the uniform and textile industry.

Kristy’s extensive experience ensures she has vast knowledge when it comes to creating uniforms that reflect the company or school brand message while also being modern, fashionable and fit for purpose.

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