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Whether it be food retailing, department store, liquor or supermarket Total Image is the expert in Retail Uniforms. Our experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying various retail models is extensive across a number industries. Our service model is flexible to manage franchise uniforms, owner operated or a mix of both!  Based on past client portfolios, Total Image knows that the retail space is competitive and therefore uniforms need to be unique and have a strong connection to the brand. Total Image can put together a whole uniform range or key products and accessories to give a not so uniform look. 
If you don't need or want a custom designed uniform, Total Image has an extensive stock range and is able to coordinate pieces and branding to ensure you the look for your brand. 








Custom Designed

 The team at TIG will create a look that is connected to your brand and most importantlybe functional and comfortable for your staff to wear. 

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