Lady Leadership Podcast- 2021

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Starting your own business at 21 with Pamela Jabbour

This week on the Lady Leadership show I caught up with Pamela Jabbour who started her own fashion business at the age of 21. There is a little bit of twist here in that Pamela noticed a gap in the market and bought fashion to uniforms. Yes, uniforms! Up until that point, uniforms had been an embroidered shirts. Pamela was fresh out of university having studied marketing plus she was able to leverage her dad’s garment manufacturing business to kick off her business. Finding those first customers was hard, Pamela and I talk through how she did this, plus the fact that she was so young the majority of the people did not know it was her business and how she used this to her advantage and how she has grown the business to what it is today. For anyone wanting to start their own business – this is super inspirational!

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