CEO World Magazine – 2021

How to have a unified look when half your staff are working from home

By Pamela Jabbour

We all know the importance of image and why it matters. The oxford dictionary defines image as “the general impression that a person, organisation, or product presents to the public.” We now live in a time where corporate offices are less common and more comprised of dining tables, bedrooms or the kitchen bench and meetings are often via video call. Your brand and company image are being represented often through this singular lens.

A Zoom meeting is still a meeting and regardless of whether we are at home or in the office, projecting professionalism has never been more important. In a world where human connection and interaction has changed from handshakes to virtual-online introductions, it is even more important to build a sense of who your company is and what they represent with this obstacle in place. It has never been more vital for your team to tell the story of your brand through what they are wearing and for companies to take some control back around this messaging.

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