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Parra Leagues

Key Highlights:

  • A uniform range designed to be cohesive across a broad range of roles 
  • Striking a balance between comfortable and professional  
  • A 3-week turnaround from fitting to delivery 

The Brief

Parramatta Leagues first came to Total Image Group with the request of dressing multiple departments within their organisation in conjunction with a refurbishment to the club. As a popular venue and local destination, the uniforms needed to be professional, comfortable, and easy to care for. Further, Parra Leagues wanted to have their staff fitted in their new look within the month. Total Image Group curated a uniform that was comfortable, attractive and on-brand for Parra Leagues in under 3 weeks.

Keeping On-Brand 

With their rich history and close partnership with the Parramatta Eels, Parra Leagues wanted their uniform to represent their brand in a style that aligned with the club’s refurbishments. Using the Navy and Gold club colours as a starting point, Total Image curated a coordinated uniform that was fit for purpose for each department at the club.   

For Duty Managers, Gaming, Reception, Floor Staff and Security, each department had its own range of suiting. Whilst they all featured Navy suiting with tone-on-tone logo embroidery and shirts with the Parra Leagues logo in gold, each department had something to differentiate themselves.

For Maintenance, Cleaning, and Cellar staff, their uniform included soft-shell jackets, hi-vis outerwear, and polos in the Navy and Gold colours and featuring the Parra Leagues logo. These garments create a fit-for-purpose uniform that coordinates with all other departments. 

In the restaurants within the venue, shirts, chef jackets and aprons with their individual branding helped differentiate them from other staff, whilst keeping them connected to the overall brand.  

Key Achievements

For Parra Leagues, time was of the essence – they needed their new uniform ready in less than a month. Total Image Group was able to create a product line, do in-person fit-outs on location in Paramatta, order their product, finish printing and embroidery, and had them delivered in personalised packaging by employee in three weeks – without any backorders.

The Personal Touch 

For Parra Leagues, Total Image created a unique online store where employees could order their uniforms. All products were organised by department, to prevent confusion or incorrect orders. Further to this, Total Image arranged all uniform deliveries to the site in Parramatta. All garments arrived in personalised packaging for each employee, to streamline the distribution of products by the club.   

Total Image Group is thrilled to continue to provide Parra Leagues with their uniform range, and excited to continue working with them into the future. 

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