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Outdoor Work Essentials: Summer Edition 

In the blistering heat, the right outdoor work uniform is more than just attire, it’s a shield against the elements, ensuring safety and professionalism. Here Total image Group provide an Outdoor Work Essential: Summer Edition guide to discuss the importance of outdoor work uniforms and what to consider as ideal material and product options. Discover top curated picks designed to enhance performance under the blazing sun, explore customisation options that strike the perfect balance between aesthetic branding and functionality and eco-friendly choices, for the summer season to come.  

Importance of Outdoor Work Uniforms


Enhancing Safety: Employers need to ensure that their team’s safety is the priority. More so for employees who work outdoors and are faced with changing climates. Work uniforms are a vital part of maintaining safety in various industries such as construction, landscaping, transportation, maintenance, and more. 

Protection from the Elements: Under relentless weather conditions such as sun exposure, rain, and cold, the significance of a proper outdoor work uniform becomes undeniable. Not only does it enhance safety, but also improves overall comfort for the team.  Breathability, mobility, and fabric weight are all crucial factors to be considered when determining your range.  

Employee Comfort and Morale: In industries where conditions can be harsh, providing uniforms that prioritise comfort creates a positive work environment. Employees equipped with comfortable attire are more likely to experience job satisfaction, fostering a sense of well-being that can translate into heightened productivity. 

Team Cohesion: When the team is out on a job not only does a uniform foster a sense of belonging and team spirit, but it also ensures that the team can see, recognise, and locate one another, keeping each other safe. 

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Material & Product Selection

When determining what your uniform range should be comprised of, it is critical to consider what fabric garments will be crafted from and what products will best suit the job. Prioritising durable fabrics is paramount, as these rugged materials are not only able to withstand the conditions of work but also enhance overall longevity for long-term, repeated use Picking a breathable fabric is essential for maintaining comfort during physical activities, whilst breathability enables optimal ventilation, preventing discomfort in the face of rigorous tasks. The functionality of the product is paramount. This means the careful curation of products that align with the specific demands of the job. From reinforced stitching to specialised pockets, the functionality of each garment should be carefully considered to enhance performance and cater to the unique needs of the industry.  

Top Outdoor Work Essential Picks 


                  Surf Hat 

               Bucket Hat

Shirts & Tops

Total Image Group designing unique Uniforms for Sales team

      Womens Outdoor Short                   Sleeve Shirt 

        Mens Outdoor Short                       Sleeve Shirt 

       For Extra Protection:         Womens & Men’s Outdoor           Long Sleeve Shirt 

                   Mens Glacier S/S Polos 

                Womens Glacier S/S Polos 


Total Image Group designing unique Uniforms for Work Man
Total Image Group designing unique Uniforms for companies

Other Outdoor Essentials 

Total Image Group designing unique water bottle for companies
Total Image Group designing unique water bottle for companies
Total Image Group designing unique water bottle for companies

      Absorption Bottle 

         Byron 1L Drink Bottle 

            Thermo Bottle 

Customisation Options: Branding and Functionality 

Customisation and decoration of outdoor work uniforms refer to the inclusion of company logos, names, and colours. Branding serves as a visible representation of the business, promoting a professional and cohesive image, crucial in client-facing roles. Spruce up your uniform, through embroidery, screen printing, or heat press sublimation to make it uniquely yours.  

Customisation extends beyond mere aesthetics to also include job-specific features that cater to various outdoor professions. Whether it’s additional pockets for tools, reinforced knee panels for durability, or specialised fastenings for easy access, outdoor uniforms can be optimised to meet the team’s needs.  

Total image Group cap printing

Sustainability: Forging a Greener Path in Outdoor Work Uniforms 

Eco-friendly Materials: Embracing sustainable fabrics, such as recycled polyester or organic cotton, not only minimises the environmental impact during production but also aligns with the growing demand for responsible practices. By opting for materials that are renewable, biodegradable, or recycled, companies actively contribute to the reduction of their ecological footprint. 

Long-term Sustainability: Adopting a mindset of long-term sustainability can mean investing in durable uniforms designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor work environments. This translates into extended product lifecycles which not only reduces the frequency of uniform replacements but also minimises overall waste. Investment in durable, high-quality uniforms can contribute to a more eco-conscious approach and reflects a firm’s dedication to environmental stewardship.  

As the season warms up, the indispensable role of a well-crafted outdoor work uniform is emphasised, not merely as a stylish look, but as a vital shield ensuring safety and professionalism. 

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Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

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