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Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Key Highlights 

  • Varied Range of Specific, Fit-for-purpose garments 
  • Online store, fit outs and fit kits 
  • Extensive face-to-face consultations and focus groups 

The Brief 

Mornington Peninsula Shire Council (MPSC) began working with Total Image Group in 2018, when they decided to introduce a cohesive uniform for all council employees. Their aim was to create a unified look across all council departments that could represent the community. They also needed the uniform to accommodate for separate department branding and the fit-for-purpose requirements for many council roles. 

Fit For Purpose 

As with many councils, Mornington Peninsula Shire have many departments that fulfil a diverse range of roles for the community. From administrative staff to maintenance teams, to rangers and golf course employees, all required specific and fit-for-purpose garments.  

Moreover, many departments have their own branding in conjunction with the general MPS logo and colours. These needed to be taken into consideration when designing their range. Total Image Group curated a range of fit-for-purpose products which met the branding guidelines set out by MPSC.  

Previously, departments had been managing their own dress, choosing items that suited them specifically. With a standard dress curated by Total Image Group, all departments have a unified and recognisable look within the community. Moreover, MPSC was able to streamline the ordering process and maximise cost efficiency with a reduced number of items.  

An important factor for MPSC was sensitivity and inclusion of staff members that are part of the LGBTQIA+ community. To that end, Total Image Group made sure to include non-gendered and unisex garments in the MPSC uniform range. When MPSC launched a new department in Youth Services, Total Image incorporated the rainbow symbol on their new polos to demonstrate their support and inclusion of the LGBTQIA+ community.  

Fit Outs and an Online Store  

Many staff members were initially apprehensive about switching to a uniform, after having previously organised their own dress. To help them make the transition, Total Image Group organised comprehensive fit outs. This allowed staff to try on various sizes, and test out garment quality and suitability for their role. To create a sustainable process moving forward, Total Image Group provided “fit kits” for MPSC, to help them fit any future employees.  

In order to guarantee a smooth ordering process, Total Image Group created a unique online store for staff to order uniforms. Each personalised username and login show only relevant garments, reducing any potential confusion.  

Challenges and Achievements  

Learning Curve

Whilst Total Image Group are uniform experts, there is often still much to learn when curating a uniform for a new client, especially one with as many diverse departments as Mornington Peninsula Shire. For instance, Total Image had to source hardy, stain-resistant and comfortable garments for the Animal Wardens that didn’t use the colour blue. After speaking with members of the department, it was learned that dogs are very often wary of people wearing blue!  

Another test of Total Image Group’s fit-for-purpose expertise was the Natural Systems department. These employees spent a lot of time outside in the natural environment and exposed to the elements. All their uniform required UPF 50+ and long sleeves, whilst also not causing employees to overheat in the sun. Total Image worked hard to source material that was breathable and sturdy enough to withstand a strenuous workplace.  

Open Communication

As mentioned previously, all departments had previously managed their own uniforms, sourcing garments that suited specifically them. The change to a standardised uniform was not met with universal positivity. To guarantee a successful rollout, Total Image understood that they needed all employees on board with the new designs. They therefore made special effort to have extensive focus groups, surveys, and face to face meetings with all departments. These meetings opened discourse and allowed employees to voice their needs and opinions, ensuring that the uniform would elevate their ability to fulfil their role.   

After their uniform roll-out, Mornington Peninsula couldn’t be happier with their new range. They frequently come to Total Image Group for ad hoc promotional products during the year, because they are confident that Total Image can provide them with the best quality products at the best prices. It is a relationship that Total Image Group is very proud of, and excited to continue into the future.  

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