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Meditating for Mental Health

Mental Health Month – October 2020

The team at Total Image Group will be taking part in 28 for TWENTY EIGHT which starts on the 1st October. This is an initiative by Making Meditation Mainstream which encourages Australians to take ten minutes to meditate each day, for 28 days. Together, we can take a positive step towards our own mental health, and in the process, raise money to help Lifeline save more lives.

We all know that this year has been a huge test for every one of us. We have all had to change how we live and work over this year and the unknowingness of what lays ahead seems to be the only real consistent piece during these times. What can also sneak up, or not sneak up at all, but hit us right in the face are the feelings of being overwhelmed, busy, fearful, and anxious, and it’s no surprise that this year has taken its toll on many us and our mental health.

The current worldwide situation has exacerbated the mental health crisis in Australia. Professor Ian Hickie, co-director of the Brain and Mind Centre at The University of Sydney states “The predicted increase of suicides is 25% each year for the next five years. That’s 750 extra deaths by suicide a year. It’s an enormous number. It will be a massively bigger death toll than COVID-19.”

Making a difference

It costs $28 for Lifeline to answer a single call, a small price to pay for a life-saving conversation. Lifeline’s crisis line currently receives a call every 30 seconds, this equates to nearly 3000 calls a day, an increase of 25% as a result of COVID-19.

By taking part, we can make a tangible difference to our own mental health, and also the lives of community members who may be doing it tougher than we realise.

We have set up a beautiful ZEN ROOM and are encouraging our team members to allocate time in their day to be alone in the room and listen to a guided meditation or some calming sounds. We want to encourage our team to know this is a time for them to focus purely on themselves and their thoughts.

CEO Pamela Jabbour meditating in our ZEN ROOM

We have happily donated the cost of each participating member of Total Image Group plus continue to fundraise for 28 for TWENTY EIGHT to help make a difference in the lives of Australians doing it tough at the moment and who will benefit from the help of the dedicated members of Lifeline.

If you would like to participate and also donate to this wonderful cause please click here.

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