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Mastering Retail Style: Your Handbook for Uniforms and Promotional Merch

To thrive in any bustling industry, creating a strong brand image that will distinguish you from your competitors is the name of the game. The retail sector is inherently forward-facing, and having decorated uniforms and promotional merch can give your brand that extra oomph to not only improve brand identity but also leave a positive lasting impression on customers.

Get ready to dive into the world of Mastering Retail Style! This blog will be your personal handbook, guiding you through the ins and outs of branding, its importance on perceived professionalism, and the ways promotional merch can supercharge your marketing game in the long haul. Time to unlock those retail secrets! Whether you’re a small boutique, a bustling department store, or an e-commerce giant, consider this guidebook your ultimate destination for enlightening tidbits, all things retail uniforms, and of course, the tricks to set you apart from the crowd.

Get ready to take your branding game to the next level!

Table of Contents


Choosing a retail uniform is a strategic decision, that offers numerous benefits. Uniforms create a unified look for your team, bolstering your brand’s image and conveying cohesion to customers. They double as canvases, showcasing logos and colors that turn employees into walking ads, boosting brand visibility both inside and outside the store.

Wondering what’s in it for your team? Rocking the same gear sparks camaraderie and can foster a sense of belonging among employees. Take the pressure off! Empower your employees by providing them with a retail uniform that is not only work-appropriate but also polished.


We provide a comprehensive range of services that can be tailored to your specific retail uniform needs. Our expertise extends beyond just designing and supplying fashion-forward uniforms. With our bespoke offerings, have your seamless transition covered!

Supercharge your uniform game with the array of services we offer at TIG!


All About a Retail Fit-Out

Well-fitting uniforms are key to ensuring the comfort and confidence of retail staff. When employees feel at ease in their attire, they can focus on the job, exude professionalism, and reflect the brand’s image.

We recognize the significance of providing team members with a chance to personally experience their new attire’s size and fit before the official launch. This pivotal step makes sure your crew feels like a million bucks in their uniforms. And guess what? When they’re comfy and looking sharp, their performance gets a major boost.


Subsidy Management for Retail Uniforms

Subsidies are the best way to manage your staff’s retail uniforms. Elevate your team’s experience by offering them the flexibility to select uniforms that match their preferences. This approach also alleviates administrative responsibilities for employers and team managers, streamlining the process for everyone involved.

Set it and Forget it. Simplify the uniform process as subsidies are typically assigned for usage on a fortnightly, monthly, or annual basis. Most companies have an allocation period where new allocations are given yearly, or this can be done on a date specified to each employee.


Online Ordering in the Retail Space

Online platforms provide a centralised hub for managing uniform orders, making it easier for both staff and employers to manage, view and shop their new range! Our personalized online ordering is a convenient, cost-effective, and paperless process that simplifies a tedious organisational process.



  • Functionality & role: For retail associates, uniforms should project a blend of approachability and professionalism. But here’s the deal: these uniforms need to tick all the right boxes. They need to be fit-for-purpose, suitable for the role in both appearance and function. In the retail industry that translates to breathable options that allow for mobility, all while staying true to the brand’s style.
  • Brand Identity: In the world of retail, uniforms are a reflection of your brand– whether you’re a chic boutique or a massive department store. And guess what? We’ve got you covered with a huge variety of clothing that’s tailored to all kinds of needs, from laid-back vibes to all-out formal looks. Suiting up your style, no matter what your brand identity is!
  • Comfort: At the heart of every company is its staff. Thus, we aim to curate a range of retail uniforms that will facilitate long-term workplace comfort in any climate. From breathable linen options to puffer jackets, we’ve got you taken care of!
  • Fit: A proper fit will ensure employees are comfortable, mobile, and stylish on the job! Comfortable employees are confident employees. This confidence radiates through their interactions with customers elevating customer service. Two birds, one stone!
  • Versatility: Retailers operate in dynamic environments where seasons and trends play a significant role. A versatile and cohesive range allows your team to mix and match uniform pieces to create different but distinct workplace outfits, that remain true to the brand’s image.
  • Durability: Choosing high-quality garments is vital for the longevity and cost-effectiveness of a uniform range. Invest in pieces that will stand the test of everyday wear made from durable fabrications.
  • Compliance and regulations: Having retail uniforms that comply with regulations and standards is essential, as it ensures legal adherence, workplace safety, and it maintains the overall reputation of the business.


Embark on a retail adventure to supercharge your team’s style with these exhilarating steps towards the ultimate uniform transformation!

Step 1: Uncover Your Mission and Style Quest
Kick off your journey by defining the purpose of adopting a retail uniform. Think brand flair, pro vibes, brand/team identity, and that extra wow-factor for your customers.

Step 2: Spark Your Imagination Expedition

Gather inspiration! Seek out styles, hues, fabrics, and vibes that totally sync with your brand’s personality. Unearth the aspects that scream your company’s culture and values that you can include in your new range.

Step 3: Craft Your Fashion Rulebook
Weave your fashion manifesto! Craft a dress code that’s crystal clear. Let everyone know what’s in and what’s out for your new sophisticated retail uniform range.

Step 4: Summon the Uniform Experts – Total Image Group!
Summon the uniform wizards, aka Total Image Group! Our team will take your uniform dreams to the next level. Share your vision, your fashion code, and your budget. Together, we’ll conjure a timeline to make your uniform dreams a reality.

Step 5: Curate Your Stylish Arsenal
We will join forces to create a lineup of garments that’ll knock socks off! Every piece is tailored to perfection, completing your ultimate retail uniform collection.

Step 6: Test Drive in the Fun Lane
Gather your team for the ultimate test drive! Let them try on the gear – the comfort, the fit, the pizzazz. Their feedback will shape the final ensemble, elevating the range with unprecedented personalisation.

Step 8: The Grand Reveal
Time to reveal your grand design to the higher-ups! Present your uniform plan, the budget, and the timeline for the next chapter.

Step 9: Fashion Fit-out Fiesta
Once your range is approved, throw a fit out for your crew! Find the perfect fits, spread the word, and show your team ways to mix and match in perfect uniform style!

Step 10: Unleash the Magic, and Watch It Shine!
Let the grand uniform parade begin! Unroll the red carpet as you follow your agreed-upon timeline. Monitor the program’s effectiveness and address any issues or concerns that arise.

So there you have it, the enchanting journey to retail uniform success. Time to transform your team into a squad of style stars!


Stock retail uniforms and custom retail uniforms both have their pros and cons, and the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and preferences of a company.

Let’s explore the differences between them:



Pre-designed and readily available from suppliers, often in standard sizes and styles.

Designed in accordance with a company’s specific requirements to capture brand identity and preferences.

Quick solution for companies that need uniforms promptly without investing in customization

Allow companies to include unique branding elements, colours, and styles that reflect their image and values accurately.

Limited design options, colours, and may not perfectly align with a company’s branding or specific requirements.

Companies can choose fabrics, cuts, and accessories that suit the retail industry and employees’ needs, namely comfort and functionality in a bustling environment.

They can be shipped and received relatively quickly, which is advantageous for companies with urgent needs.

Offer more flexibility, they may be more expensive and take longer to produce in comparison to stock uniforms.

Considerations for choosing between stock and custom-made corporate uniforms:

  • Budget: The cost-effective choice depends on your staff count. Smaller companies benefit from Stock ranges, avoiding high MOQs. Larger staff counts find Custom ranges more economical due to lower per-garment costs.
  • Company Size: The size of your organisation will also help determine what is best for you as custom ranges requires a higher MOQ ranging anywhere from 50 – 500 depending on the garment.
  • Turnaround Time: If uniforms are required urgently, stock uniforms are the faster option, while custom uniforms take longer due to design, feedback and production processes.
  • Branding/Design: Retail associates are predominantly customer-facing; thus brand identity and image are crucial. Subsequently, custom uniforms are a better choice as they provide more control over the design.

Embroidery V Heat Transfer

The type of decoration is another big thing to consider. At Total Image Group, we’re pros at Embroidery and Heat Transfer, and we’ve got screen printing in our toolkit too.

Not sure what sets them apart? No worries, we’ve got your back. Let’s break it down!



Known for its long-lasting and durable qualities through numerous wears and washes. Adding a tactile, raised texture element.

Heat transfers result in a smooth, flat finish that works well on many fabrics such as athletic wear and polyester blends.

Embroidered logos have a classic, sophisticated appearance that is commonly associated with professionalism and quality.

This type of decoration allows for intricate details that cannot be captured by embroidery, such as small text and gradient colour blending.

Can be applied to a wide range of fabrics including, cotton, polyester, and various blends, effortlessly.

Suitable for extra lightweight retail uniform options or more delicate fabrications.


We cater to professionals from diverse industries and organisations who seek a cohesive and professional identity for their teams.

Total Image group'cs client


Linen Shirt – Mens & Ladies

Indie Shirt Mens & Ladies

For a sophisticated yet relaxed & breathable option!

Available in both short and long sleeves in 3 stunning denim shades.

Looking for something more casual? Here’s our top tee pick!

A simple and sleek crew neck in 9 tonal colours ready for your branding!

A chic option that is effortlessly breezy and wearable.

A relaxed yet contemporary option for the ladies in 4 captivating colours

A modern yet sophisticated pair of jeans with a slim straight leg.

Prewashed and 4-way stretch fabrication for added comfort.


Out with single-use plastic! Check out this 100% cotton tote perfect for any shopping trip!

An engraved metal pen with a rubberised finish. With a matching stylus tip that can be used on any touch screen!

Keep it cool with the Thor copper bottle. Perfect for a team gift or brand merchandise

Looking for the perfect point-of-purchase merchandise to stock near the counter? Check out this sustainable straw set!


Dan Murphys

Total Image Group’s fashion-forward insights were valued along with their efficient and professional manner, which saw all our requirements met. The experience was smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.

The outcome of the new design is a perfect fit for our team, and we look forward to working with Total Image Group again.

Dan Murphy's uniform designed by Total image group
Visual of uniform solutions tailored for franchises by Total Image Group 7
Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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