International Women’s Day 2022

As a proudly female-led business, Total Image Group is dedicated to help #breakthebias for this International Women’s Day #IWD2022.

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a chance to reflect on and contribute to the ongoing struggle for gender equality across the globe. The day dedicated to celebrating and uplifting women began in 1908, when women in New York City took to the streets to protest for better working conditions, but the powerful message of equality and the fight for meaningful progress is just as relevant today. In 2022, IWD is taking place against the backdrop of a global pandemic, so much global struggle, and an ever-changing working environment. That means that it’s important as ever to uplift and celebrate the work and achievements of women, as we come together in March to #breakthebias.

Total Image Group has always been a proudly female-led small business, and has stood as an exemplary product of what can be achieved by breaking down gendered bias in typically male-dominated industries. Founder & CEO Pamela Jabbour had to fight to be heard by when she first launched TIG in 2005, as she explains:

“It was challenging to be taken seriously at the very beginning. As a young woman at the head of a small family-run business, it was a constant battle to prove TIG’s capabilities, experience, and worth in a traditionally male-dominated industry of large-scale competitors operating with traditional business models.”

Since then, Total Image Group has expanded rapidly with Jabbour at the helm of a workforce that is predominantly staffed by women, and can now boast that it dresses over 300 000 Australians everyday. From the warehouse to management, Total Image Group would not be the thriving business it is today without the innovation, dedication and collaboration of the diverse and brilliant women on our team.

This International Women’s Day, we’re privileged to celebrate these women, as we continually work towards a more diverse and bias-free future.

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