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Goodstart Early Learning


  • Staff trials, feedback & online forum
  • A range designed to be responsive to ongoing feedback
  • A custom online store with unique functionality
  • Photoshoot



  • 20,000 polo’s per year
  • 10,000 soft tops per year


With 20 000 staff members at over 680 locations across Australia, Goodstart needed a uniform range that not only stood up to the rigours of working with children but could also accommodate a diverse range of body shapes and sizes. “Goodstarters” needed to feel proud to wear their uniform and the uniforms needed to be designed specifically for comfort, breathability, and freedom of movement and be suitable for a variety of different climates.


After four years of working with their previous uniform supplier and experiencing issues with website performance and poor staff feedback, the Early Childhood Care provider Goodstart sought out Total Image Group (TIG) to provide a fit-for-purpose uniform range and a user-friendly online store. After a receiving a lot of negative feedback from staff about their previous range, Goodstart wanted their employees to be included as much as possible in the new design process. Goodstart required a custom-built online store. Functionally, the site needed to be user-friendly, detail-oriented, multi-device compatible, integrated with their pre-existing cloud systems and provide unique ordering and shipping workflows.


Employee involvement TIG’s Account Manager worked closely with Goodstart to select staff from across the country to test the new garments. Employee involvement was critical in understanding roles, environments, and demographics, as well as a clear understanding of what hadn’t worked in their previous uniform, to guide the design of the new range. Due to our thorough consultation and design process, the trial period returned almost universal positive reception to the new uniform. After the trials, TIG and Goodstart gave an online presentation of the uniform range showcasing style, cut, and fabric and demonstrating the online ordering platform.

Goodstart 2


TIG designed a range with two broad parts: the core range, which included hats and a custom-designed top, blouse and polo, and the on-demand range, which included bottoms and outerwear. TIG used eco-friendly Lenzing Modal fabric for the custom garments. It is made using 100% sustainable beech tree cellulose fibre, making it biodegradable and eco-friendly.

TIG is the first to market with this new sustainable fabric in Australia. Development and testing have been occurring for some time around new sustainable, practical and comfortable fabrics in this space.

TIG and Goodstart included gender-neutral and culturally inclusive items in the range.


TIG incorporated Goodstart’s store into their staff intranet, integrating all 18,000 staff members into the custom web app, enabling access via existing staff single sign on permissions and meeting their strict data security requirements. TIG also created customised ordering and shipping workflows, with either credit card payment or dynamic subsidy allocation. The automated delivery system ships directly to the staff member’s centre and gives options for multiple locations. TIG coordinated a full-day photoshoot to showcase the range. The images were used on the website, in the catalogue, and in all internal communications. The imagery was effective in increasing staff awareness and enthusiasm for their new range.

Goodstart online store
Good start employee in long sleeve shirt


The site provided all the functionality Goodstart required—however, it would not have been an enjoyable experience for staff to use without careful attention to its visual appeal.


TIG produced a range of custom-designed tops, including a unisex and ladies polo, a blouse, and an inverted-V top as well as curated a collection of bottoms and outerwear from our pre-existing range. There was an overwhelmingly positive response upon official launch. The garments and website met all the needs of the Goodstarters, and the supporting information and visuals helped them purchase the correct garments with minimal complications. Within one week of launching, TIG received over 11,300 orders, with only five calls and less than 100 emails sent to our customer service team.

Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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