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Getting Your Corporate Identity Right from Boardroom to Workshop Floor

When it comes to your corporate uniform, it’s easy to think of your frontline staff. The ones vital for those first impressions, that we know are so critical as part of the customer experience with your brand. But when your business involves a team that spans the boardroom to the workshop floor, it’s important to consider your corporate uniform not only for its contribution to your corporate identity, but as a vehicle for team cohesiveness, pride and of course – functionality. To see our range of corporate uniforms, please see here.

As a business that thrives on the opportunity to consider the holistic uniforms needs of our clients, we believe that taking a corporate identity and distilling it with consideration of daily use, performance and function, to suit all peoples of the organisation cannot be overlooked. This is often why a stock polo, or shirt and slacks just can’t cut it for everyone in the organisation.

We have had many opportunities throughout the years to help our clients nail their boardroom to workshop floor look, some examples that stand out include:

Ford Motor Group

When it comes to making the iconic Ford brand shine, we needed to consider a Sales Team, through to Workshop Staff and Management. Capturing the corporate identity in shirts that ranged from tailored long sleeves, to functional short sleeves, through to breathable flexible polos. The team is united in a sense a pride as well as their diverse contribution to the customer outcomes.

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The Whiddon Group

The Whiddon Group are a prime example of corporate uniform design driven around a deep understanding of job roles, pressures and expectations.

We recognised that the very hands on nature of Aged Care, meant the traditional garment choices were not delivering for staff – often needing a pocket, or flexibility in movement, that their uniform just didn’t afford. In an increasingly competitive space, that forgoes much customer scrutiny, designing the team uniform for The Whiddon Group was an opportunity to inject a fresher differentiated brand from management through to nursing and admin staff. Subtle touches were injected at each level to reflect the functional needs each team member had.

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Sydney Cricket Ground

A longstanding institution, the SCG is a business that employs over 600 staff, with true diversity from Board members, to Grounds staff, Security and Customer Service. Creating a consistent corporate identity expressed through each layer of the organisation was a welcome challenge. Positioning the SCG as a cohesive and professional brand, whilst allowing employees to get on with their job, whilst espousing brand values.

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Showcasing your brand through a well-planned uniform is only half of the story for an effective corporate uniform. At the heart of getting your corporate identity right is taking the time to recognise and acknowledge the diverse needs of all your employees, creating a uniform that functionality supports them, but also empowers them through a sense of acknowledgement, for the role they play in meeting customer outcomes.

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Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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