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Fantastic Furniture’s Fresh New Look – Styled by TIG

Australia’s largest furniture and bedding manufacturer and retailer has a brand new look for 2018, with help from Total Image Group’s uniform designers.

As part of a major revamp of their brand, Fantastic Furniture needed a new uniform range for retail sales staff at their stores nationwide. TIG designed and manufactured this vibrant new workwear, which was rolled out to over 970 employees at more than 78 stores in every major city and regional towns at the end of March.

Time for a change

Fantastic Furniture’s previous uniform design and branding had served the company well for a number of years, but they felt it was due for an overhaul. Total Image designers worked closely with Fantastic Furniture personnel to develop a retail uniform range that perfectly captured the style and attitude of the new branding, reinforcing the sense of joy and comfort customers should feel when shopping for bedding and furniture to improve their lives. The new workwear was also designed to be comfortable for staff to wear every day and easy to care for.

When the designs were approved, TIG manufactured the entire workwear range, from shirts and chinos down to cool customised name badges and optional winter accessories like beanies and scarves, helping the hard-working retail teams to stay comfortable and stylish in all seasons.

Playful and contemporary

The retailer’s new look is modern, fun and appealing. Their simple and effective new logo debuted on the Fantastic Furniture website and is instantly recognisable in clear white on the left chest pocket of the new staff uniforms.

Moving on from the red polos and checked shirts of the past, the stand-out garments from the new range are the watermelon spot shirts. Bright and playful, these shirts are worn by all members of the sales team and communicate the vibrancy of the brand. They also make it even easier for customers to identify team members in stores.

As well as being attractive, these custom uniforms were designed to be easy to maintain. Made from long-lasting cotton that gives a washed linen look as it’s laundered over time, these uniforms actually improve with age!

Who are Total Image Group?

Total Image Group designs and manufactures custom uniforms for companies of all sizes in all industries. We dress over 250,000 Australian workers every day, and have helped leading brands to transform their image and improve the customer and employee experience with fashion-forward workwear.

Check out more uniforms styled by TIG or call our design experts today on (02) 8188 6008 to find out how we can help you.

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Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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