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Fantastic Furniture

Key Highlights

Time for a Change 

Range of designed uniforms by Total Image Group 1
Total Image Group's comprehensive employee uniform program demonstration for My choice

Total Image Group has been entrusted by Fantastic Furniture since 2017 to be its national uniform provider. Over the last 6 years it has been our goal to provide Fantastic Furniture with a stylish and fit for purpose uniform. The original Fantastic Furniture uniform design had served the company well for a number of years, but coming into 2024, they knew it was time for change. Taking a more practical approach to its design, the range now features new sales polos that allow for enhanced mobility, whilst maintaining a professional look. The new workwear was devised to ensure easy care and comfort for warehouse staff.

Custom Designed Range

At Total Image Group, we’re all about making your vision a reality with our one-of-a-kind custom uniform designs. Custom uniform ranges empower our Uniform Experts to collaborate with clients, to ensure that the preliminary range is fine-tuned based on ongoing client feedback.

                                                  So, what are the latest upgrades?

This range upgrade is all about a Fit for purpose uniform and consists of custom garments that were designed and manufactured by Total Image Group exclusively for Fantastic Furniture.


Firstly, the Sales team have tossed the buttonups aside and are now sporting a smart casual polo look. To keep up with their hardworking and hands-on team, the polos were designed to improve ease of movement yet remain sleek and professional. The cotton-polyester fabrication ensures that the garments are durable, maintaining shape and colour over time.

Total Image Group's comprehensive employee uniform program demonstration 6

For the cooler season, TIG introduced a cozy, soft-shell jacket with a 2-layer polyester outer shell and a Micro Fleece lining. It also boasts showerproof and windproof properties in a stunning charcoal grey, guaranteed to keep the team warm and stylish.  As for branding, each garment is decorated with the Fantastic Furniture logo and slogan in their signature watermelon pink. 

Check it out below!  

Mens S/S Sales Polo

Ladies S/S Sales Polo

Mens L/S Sales Polo

Ladies L/S Sales Polo


As for their warehouse warriors, the new and improved workwear range consists of a Hi-vis polo that has been crafted from a breathable and easy-care fabric. Taking valuable client feedback into account, these hi-vis polos now feature an extended tail hem which ensures the hardworking staff, who often engage in lifting tasks, can enjoy both lasting comfort and uninterrupted coverage throughout their busy day. 

The upgraded Hi-vis Soft Shell Jackets are a three-layer heavyweight garment both wind and showerproof. Their purpose-driven design not only offers a layer of essential warmth but also provides a relaxed, versatile fit, making them ideal for layering during those extra chilly days. 

Total Image Group's comprehensive employee 5uniform program demonstration

As for accessories, the upgraded cap and hoodie are now in Black, and quirky, fun socks featuring the signature FF watermelon colour and FF logo have been added.  

Regardless of the climate, the new range has the FF team covered. 

Personalised Online Ordering

In celebration of the range, TIG has also updated its customised online store exclusively for Fantastic Furniture staff to place their uniform orders. This was meticulously crafted to offer an attractive and user-intuitive interface, guaranteeing a seamless ordering experience. Moreover, it acts as a one-stop-shop database for customers to purchase garments, manage allocations/subsidies and view the progress of existing orders.  


Total Image Group's comprehensive employee uniform program demonstration 4

Camera, Lights, Action!  

To guarantee a seamless introduction of the collection, Total Image Group coordinated a photoshoot that showcased employees from different branches of Fantastic Furniture as the featured uniform models. The photoshoot took place at the recently opened Fantastic Furniture Alexandria store, creating captivating images that accentuate the range’s outstanding design and functionality. 

Check out some “Behind The Scenes” of the photoshoot below. 

Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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