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Beyond the Front Door: Event and Hospitality Uniform Solutions

In any field, uniforms serve as a reflection of a brand’s identity. Within the event and hospitality sector, event uniforms and hospitality uniforms are particularly vital. They not only bolster professionalism but also reinforce brand identity while prioritising the comfort and functionality of staff members. From event organisers coordinating seamless experiences to bartenders concocting signature cocktails, each role within this industry boasts a distinct attire designed to optimise performance.

Explore hospitality and event uniforms through Total Image Group’s 2024 Hospitality Uniform Look Book. This curated collection showcases the industry’s most sought-after pieces, seamlessly blending efficiency, professionalism, and style.

Here’s a glimpse into Total Image Group’s curated collection:

Event Manager/Coordinator:

As the mastermind behind the scenes, their attire should exude authority and professionalism. A tailored blazer paired with smart trousers, or a knee-length skirt is a classic choice. Accessories such as a branded name badge an comfortable yet stylish shoes, are essential for navigating any event space with ease.

Venue Manager/Food and Beverage Manager:

The venue manager for food and beverage needs to strike a balance between practicality and professionalism. A collared shirt or blouse in the venue’s colour scheme, paired with black or khaki trousers, creates a polished look. A sturdy apron with ample pockets is ideal for carrying on-the-go essentials like pens, notepads, and a radio for communication.


For chefs, functionality is key. A chef’s coat in breathable fabric with moisture-wicking properties keeps them cool under pressure. Checkered or striped pants not only add a pop of colour but can also hide stains effectively. Non-slip shoes provide stability in the kitchen, while a chef’s hat keeps hair out of the way and mitigates the risk of contamination.

Gusto Long Sleeve Chef Jacket


Bartenders blend flair with functionality in their attire. For a sleek silhouette, a fitted button-down shirt or blouse paired with black trousers, or a skirt are a great choice. A waist apron with multiple pockets ensures that essential tools are always within reach, while a bow tie or necktie is the perfect addition for a touch of formal refinement. Comfortable footwear is crucial for long hours behind the bar.


Servers and waitstaff require a uniform that is both practical and professional. A collared shirt or blouse paired with black or neutral-coloured trousers or a skirt is a timeless choice. Aprons with pockets for order pads and pens are a must have. Comfortable, slip-resistant shoes guarantee safety while navigating the bustling event space.

Urban Bib Apron

Security Personnel:

Security personnel require an event uniform that commands respect while ensuring visibility. A fitted polo shirt or shirt with the venue’s logo, paired with tactical trousers or cargo pants, creates a professional yet approachable look. Add a utility belt to hold radio, flashlight, and other essential tools, along with sturdy boots for maximum support on the job.

Entertainment Crew:

For the technical crew, entertainment personnel need a uniform to move freely while reflecting the event’s theme. Cargo pants and a polo shirt or branded T-shirt that is lightweight yet stylish are suitable for their role, paired with a branded hat enhance the overall look. Closed-toe shoes with good grip are essential while technical crew may also opt for steel-toed boots for added protection.

Set-up/Set-down Crew:

The set-up and set-down crew requires garments that can withstand physical demands while maintaining professionalism. Branded tees or polo shirts paired with durable trousers or shorts provide a unified look. Steel-toed boots offer protection in a potentially hazardous environment, while gloves and hats shield against the elements.


Volunteers who play a crucial role in the execution of an event, should be easily identifiable. Branded t-shirts or polo shirts paired with comfortable trousers or shorts create a cohesive look. A lanyard or badge displaying their role and responsibilities ensures clear communication with attendees and staff alike.

Orbit Short Sleeve Polo
Ice Short Sleeve Tee

By carefully selecting a uniform that is tailored to each role’s responsibilities, hospitality businesses can enhance efficiency, safety, and overall guest experience. From venue managers organising the event to volunteers lending a helping hand, the right hospitality uniform sets the stage for success.

Download Total Image Groups 2024 Hospitality Uniform Look Book to explore the best uniform selections tailored for the industry. Invest in event and hospitality uniforms that not only mirror your brand’s identity but also optimises performance across all roles.

Contact us today to explore customisable hospitality uniform solutions tailored to your unique needs and make your next event a resounding success.

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