Designing for Healthcare: a guide to weaving brand into uniform design

Design is not just about making things look beautiful, nor is it simply about functionality. Well thought out design creates an experience, tells a story, and evokes feelings and emotions. Design in healthcare takes a nursing home or hospital from clinical and institutional to warm, homely, and safe. It is woven through the colour of the walls, the texture of the fabrics used in furniture and the style, colour and story of the uniforms.  All these details come together like a melody; subtly humming the tune of your brand and what it is meant to represent to those in its presence.

The detail in the design

Scrubs uniforms, wash and wear blouses and tops, elasticated trousers with pockets, shirts and knitwear are a few of the uniform must haves in healthcare and the fits and fabrics across these items are front and centre when it comes to design. Uniforms are no longer just an embroidered item with your company logo and in healthcare it really is about the top to toe design including the practical accessories such as nurses pouches.

The uniform design journey

When embarking on a uniform redesign in healthcare the design must take into account functionality, fashion and form.   

Functionality is at the core of any good design and for healthcare uniforms this means fabrics that are easy care, fits that are practical and comfortable and garments that are durable and can withstand the long hours and physical nature of our health care workers roles.  

The importance of fashion in uniforms

Fashion in healthcare uniform design can often be neglected and is the necessary element to ensure your brand is properly represented and your people feel good because they know they look good. In this stage of the design process brand colours and marketing strategy are reviewed as well as a consideration for the working environment and the colours and tones used in the fittings.

A well thought out design considers all elements and how the uniform fits into the working environment, brand colours and overall brand messaging is imperative. How your brand is woven into the design begins at this stage where colour combinations are assessed, colour meanings considered and how these are used via trims and contrast in garments starts to come together.    

The colours and styles on offer in your healthcare uniform range are a cohesive representation of fashion and functionality and ensure those that need to wear it feel their needs have been considered both physically and psychologically.

Tell your brand story

When fashion and functionality come together your design and brand story start to form and in healthcare this really is what differentiates the clinical cold experience from the warm and thoughtful one.

Weaving the story of your facility and brand through the clothing your team members wear takes experience and ensuring the uniforms are practical, modern and make people feel and look good takes an expert.

Talk to the uniform experts

At Total Image Group, we have worked with some of Australia’s leading brands in healthcare including nursing homes, hospitals, and health centres. Talk to a Total Image Uniform EXPERT Today to start the design process for your healthcare team!

Australian Healthcare Week 2021

We are excited to be exhibiting at the 2021 Australian Healthcare Week – March 17 & 18 at the International Convention Centre.

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