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Dark Delivery Dilemmas

How many times recently have you noticed at the last minute a Food Delivery person weaving past you on their moped or bicycle and thought to yourself “Wow – didn’t see them coming!”?

When eating in is the new dining out

With the increase stay-at-home restrictions and take away food demands. So many vendors are now supporting their once dine-in venues with drive-out options. From burgers to brisket, fruit boxes and gourmet weekend meals which you assemble yourself using the instructions, the creativity around what now can turn up on our door step and ends up on our dining table is endless.

Food delivery jobs have skyrocketed with Menulog alone having an additional 2000 courier jobs nationwide at the start of the pandemic*.  As this new system on eating-in is here to stay and with mainstream courier apps taking up to 35% out of the Venues’ earnings, more and more restaurants, cafes, and grocers are hiring locally and doing their own deliveries. But how many of these businesses are paying attention to the presentation and safety of their delivery people and what they wear when making their way to our homes to make sure our food is delivered hot?

delivery drive smh

The importance of being seen

With the increase in food delivery drivers in Australia, we believe it is imperative that their uniform not only protects them by being highly visible, but also keeps them safe against the elements while also positively promoting the company that they work for.

Here are our recommendations for businesses and for independent couriers that want to spruce up their look as well ensure they are visible and protected throughout the seasons:

High Vis Fluoro – Having drivers wearing a High Vis outer garment is paramount! A lime or yellow outer garment, with or without reflective tape catches everyone’s attention. It’s called High Vis for a reason!

If you are looking to incorporate hi vis fashion with function we recommend looking into stylish puffer with thermo lining in a light eye catching colour such as silver.

A jacket for this time of year needs be seam sealed to prevent permeation of water, as well as windproof as it is mighty cold out there some nights even during the spring!

A built-in hood can be handy but for those on bikes, care needs to be taken in order to ensure peripheral vision isn’t blocked in anyway. To avoid this recommend choosing a high vis thinsulated beanie for that extra warmth around the ears and top of head.

A great value alternative is a 3 in1 jacket, such as our jacket with removable arms. The perfect allrounder it can double as a vest which is perfect for milder times of the year when you need to just keep your core warm.

Thermal gloves are a must to avoid having to peel off the fingers from the handle bars, and fluoro pants to pull over your clothes when it is bucketing it down will be keep you dry and forever grateful for 300d Polyester Oxford!

For those last-minute staff changes a few safety vests with reflective tape, are handy to have a little stock of and distribute and these can be worn on top of the driver’s normal clothes. They are inexpensive starting from as low as $4.80.

Facemasks – something that we could never have predicted to become the main accessory for 2020. Amplify your brand by get your logo facemasks. Makes your driving team even more recognizable when knocking on doors.

Let’s not forget your delivery people are moving advertisements. Did you know you can also print your name in reflective print? Brand them up with your business logo across the back, your website, or a spirit-lifting catchphrase or special offer that will get the public smiling and looking you up on google.

Looking sharp and clean, keeping warm and healthy, as well as nailing brand representation might be job requirements in Food Delivery drivers, however the most important focus is keeping them on the roads safely by making them visible.

Written by Margarita Wade – Business Development Manager for Total Image Group

Margarita is based in Victoria and has over 18 years’ experience within the uniform and textile industry. Margarita’s extensive experience ensures she has vast knowledge when it comes to creating uniforms that reflect the company brand message while also being modern, fashionable, and fit for purpose.

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