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Key Highlights:

  • Extensive, thoughtfully curated range
  • “Dress For Your Day”
  • Versatile products that can adapt to multiple roles 
  • Photoshoot and Online Assets

The Brief

CVGT Employment are a not-for-profit employment service that connect people with meaningful work and opportunities for training.  When they embarked on a rebranding journey in 2022, CVGT reached out to TIG to curate a contemporary, diverse uniform range for their staff, as well as an online store to upgrade their ordering processes. TIG went above and beyond to provide a uniform experience that not only met CVGT’s branding and service requirements but created a strong ongoing partnership between our two businesses.  

Dress For Your Day

CVGT staff have a wide range of responsibilities, with most of their team regularly working closely with a diverse range of people looking for employment, including young people, as well as employers and education providers. Their operations are often based in regional locations, and require them to be friendly and relatable, as well as professional. As such, the ability for the team to dress up or down according to their schedule was a high priority for the CVGT range. It needed a variety of garments that not only created a cohesive, on-brand look, but could also be worn together in different combinations to produce both more casual and more formal looks, for every person in their inclusive and diverse staff. On top of this, it also needed to accommodate a variety of clients given their national locations, which can range from extreme heat to arctic chills.

The Mix and Match Range created for CVGT had an extensive range of garments to meet all these requirements. Designed so that CVGT staff could “Dress for Your Day” and featuring everything from shirts, shorts, trousers, skirts, blouses, dresses, puffer vests, jackets, hijabs, blazers and cardigans, the range was designed to accommodate for whatever the workday could ask of a CVGT employee. Polished trousers, shirt, and suit jacket combinations were perfect for more formal professional settings, whereas a button-down dress or polo shirt and shorts would be perfect for a more casual office day or meeting with clients out in the field. A variety of outerwear options are designed to keep CVGT staff comfortable no matter the conditions outside. It is a size-inclusive and culturally inclusive range, offering sizes from a 4-36 and options for modesty dressing and head covering.

Although the range is extensive, TIG made sure to keep it as visually cohesive as possible. Designed in the CVGT colour palette of orange, blues, black and tan, and featuring the embroidered CVGT logo, employees could stand together wearing completely different items from the range and still present a unified look.

The Full Service Portfolio

To help stoke company awareness and enthusiasm for their new range, as well as create a visually striking online store, TIG helped to coordinate a photo shoot for the new range. Shot on location at CVGT Long Gully, real employees were used as models, to ensure the uniform was showcased on a diverse group exemplary of CVGT staff. The images were a bright and comprehensive demonstration of the range, including possible outfit combinations and individual garment features.

Using these images, the TIG in-house marketing team also created a lookbook, to help employees familiarise themselves with the range, and identify the garments that they would most want to wear.

Finally, TIG created a unique online store for CVGT staff to order their uniform. Visually appealing and easy to use, the online store has effectively updated and streamlined the CVGT uniform ordering process.

A Bright Future

The quality of the final product, as well as the attention, enthusiasm, and expertise provided by Account Manager Margarita and the rest of the TIG team, was highly appreciated by CVGT. They continue to reach out to TIG to help create high-quality merchandise and products for staff gifts, exhibitions and conferences, and we look forward to maintaining a valuable partnership with CVGT for many years to come.

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Who is TIG

Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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