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Creating Memorable School Leaver Polos and Jerseys: A Step-by-Step Guide

As the school year draws to a close, there’s a sense of anticipation in the air. Graduation caps are tossed, diplomas are received, and the journey of school comes to an end.

It’s a time when students bid farewell to their alma mater, and what better way to commemorate this transition than with school leaver polos and jerseys?

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll explore how you can create unforgettable school leaver apparel, complete with jersey names, polos and a touch of varsity jacket flair.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Gather Your School Leaver Team

Creating memorable school leaver polos and jerseys is a collaborative effort. Assemble a team of students, teachers, or parents to help plan and execute the project.

Having different perspectives can lead to creative ideas and ensure that the final product resonates with everyone.

Step 2: Select the Perfect Garments

Choose high-quality polos or jerseys for your project. You can browse our range here

Polos are the popular choice for primary school leavers while Jerseys and Varsity Jackets are the favoured choice for year 12 seniors. You can select your garment and designs here:

Girls in school polos
Teenagers in rugby jerseys
teenager in varsity jacket


                Rugby Jerseys

                 Varsity Jackets

Step 3: Choose Vibrant Colours

Select colours that represent your school’s spirit and your class’s personality. Bold, vibrant colours often work best for school leaver apparel as they catch the eye and make a statement. Consider using your school’s official colours.

jersey colours

Step 4: Source your School Logo

A memorable school leaver polo or jersey starts with your captivating school logo. Add the graduation year, and if you’re feeling creative, include symbols or icons that represent your class’s unique personality. Remember, simplicity often makes for the most iconic designs.

Step 5: Customise with Jersey Names

One of the standout features of school leaver apparel is the inclusion of personalised names.

Jerseys and Varsity Jackets: Each student can select a nickname or a memorable phrase to adorn their polo or jersey. This personalisation adds a unique touch and creates a sense of unity within the class. Remember to check for any restrictions or guidelines from your school regarding jersey names to avoid any issues. Brainstorm and have fun with it!

Stuck on what name to use?

Check out our blog and learn about all The Best Year 12 Jersey Names

Polos: Your class list is conveniently printed on the back, allowing you to cherish memories of your classmates long after the final school bell rings!

Step 6: Enquire & Place your order!

Whether you’re interested in PolosJerseys or Varsity Jackets, we are one enquiry form away! Share your logo design and jersey names with us and together we can discuss what best suits your idea.

Our team of Uniform Experts will guide you through the entire process, doing all the hard work for you! We aim to bring your vision to life and provide comfortable, appealing and functional leavers apparel!

rugby jersey enquiry form

Step 7: Plan Unforgettable Graduation Photos

Once your school leaver apparel has been delivered, don’t forget to plan a memorable photoshoot to showcase your school leaver polos and jerseys!

Gather your classmates on campus and show your apparel off at your graduation ceremony!

Step 8: Wear with Pride

Finally, wear your school leaver polos and jerseys with pride. These pieces of clothing symbolise the camaraderie, memories, and achievements attained during this period of your education.  

Embrace this tradition and celebrate the transition into the next chapter of your lives.

Teenagers in jerseys designed by Total Image group

In conclusion, creating memorable school leaver polos and jerseys is a meaningful way to commemorate your end of school journey. By following this step-by-step guide and incorporating jersey names and a touch of varsity jacket flair, you’ll have a unique and cherished keepsake that represents your class’s spirit and unity.

These garments will not only serve as a reminder of your school years but also as a symbol of the bright futures that lie ahead.

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