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What to Wear to the Office in 2023

Think that corporate uniforms are a thing of the past? Think again. Businesswear is coming back in a big way, but the rules look a little different. We’re here to help you make sure your brand is sticking to the 2023 dress code.

It’s not news – the way we get dressed for work has changed a lot in the past few years. It’s been especially dramatic for those who work in the corporate space; one minute it was all suits, heels and ties for the office, the next it was leggings and tees for video meetings.

Now, most offices are back open and the need to get dressed to head into HQ is something that we have to think about again. So the next question is – what is office wear in 2023?

The rules for daily dressing have definitely changed. We noticed a trend toward casual even before any office shutdowns, but the turn away from the classic business-formal has become much more pronounced in the years since 2020. Workers want workwear that prioritises comfort and practicality just as much as polish, and most big brands are rolling with the trend, opting to allow for more laid-back elements in their employee’s everyday attire.

What does this mean for corporate uniforms? Well, If you want your brand to look up-to-date, modern and approachable, then adding flexibility to your workwear range is the way to go. It’s also an easy way to keep your employees feeling enthusiastic about putting on their uniform.

If you’re hesitant about maintaining a professional brand image, don’t worry. We’re not advocating for throwing all sense of formality and polish out the window, just updating it with a more contemporary sensibility. Read on to see our favourite pieces to include in modern corporate workwear ranges.

What’s in this blog?


    We’re big advocates for polos here at Total Image Group. They’ve been a popular choice in the tech space for a long time, but the rest of the corporate world is recognising the value of adding work polos into their range. An exceptionally versatile piece of athleisurewear turned business casual, a work polo is the perfect compromise between comfort and corporate.

    A sharp collar, button placket and well-tailored fit create a professional finish, and choosing a sweat-wicking fabric with plenty of stretch will keep everyone comfortable all day long. Investing in a high-quality product will also ensure longevity with a fabrication that will keep its shape and colour through extended wash and wear.

    What’s more, polos are easy to brand and generally come in a wide variety of colours. That means that matching your branding guide will be a breeze, and staff can pair them with anything from skirts to chinos to formal work pants. Adding more than one colour option into your range creates appealing visual variety and gives an extra option to your employees.

    Browse our entire polo range.


    Comfortable, inclusive and wearable all year round, a skirt is a timeless piece of corporate garb that will rarely be out of place in your uniform range.

    It’s also a versatile style; the same skirt can be dressed up with a blouse and blazer, or offer a more casual finish when paired with a soft top or even a tee. You can offer other options besides the traditional long pencil skirt, with comfortable A-Line or chino skirts as contemporary alternatives.

    Browse our range of skirts.

    The Best Work Pants

    The perfect pant can be a hard ask. For all-day polish, you need to balance style, comfort and versatility. There’s also been significant developments made in corporate wear fabrication. Plenty of men’s and women’s work pants include spandex in their fabric composition, making for a much more comfortable and flattering fit.

    The tried-and-true classic trousers remain popular, and can still be dressed down with the addition of a polo or a more casual shirt. Another option is a chino, an increasingly popular alternative to the classic suit-style business pant, offering a more approachable look whilst retaining plenty of professional polish.

    Finding the best work pants for women can sometimes be extra tricky – there are a lot of elements to consider (we wrote a handy how-to guide on finding the perfect work pants!), but offering something like Bella pants is an easy win for almost anyone. Their extensive size range and sleek tailored finish make them perfect for a professional setting, plus they’re made with a cotton & elastane mix that makes them both breathable and super stretchy, with a wide, pull-on elastic waistband. Comfort and polish, all in one!

    Browse our range of trousers.

    Soft Tops

    A low-maintenance and comfortable alternative to a conventional blouse, a soft top is versatile, inclusive modern corporate wear. Generally made from a soft-woven poly blend that is lightweight, durable and easy to wash, soft tops drape effortlessly over the body, making work day dressing totally seamless. Pair with pants, skirts or shorts and dress up or down depending on your day.

    Browse our range of Tops.

    Wrap Up

    As the world continues to evolve at a rapid rate, it only makes sense that the corporate world changes its appearance accordingly. Finding the right balance between looking professional and keeping your employees modern and approachable can be difficult; there’s no one size fits all. Adding in blazer and jacket options can help elevate more casual elements, and when there’s a more formal dress code (or you’re happy to stick to old-school) classic suiting and business attire will always be available to bring that extra level of polish.

    The picks that you saw in this blog are only a few of our top modern corporate uniform must-haves. Browse our website to see our full range of corporate uniform options, or send us an enquiry. One of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss what the best fit will be for your business, so you can curate the perfect corporate uniform.

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    Do you need help working out the best uniform range for you and your business? We can help! To ensure we direct you to the best person in our team to discuss your requirements – whether your uniform and promotional needs are now or in the future – let’s learn a bit more about you. We look forward to speaking soon!

    Who is TIG

    Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

    We believe corporate uniforms should never be boring.

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