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Celebrating National Family Business Day at Total Image Group

To celebrate National Family Business Day, we wanted to highlight the wonderful families that make up a large part of Total Image Group.

Not only does our founder and CEO Pamela Jabbour have her brother Bryan and father George in the business, she’s also joined by her husband Tony as Production Manager. It doesn’t stop there, at Total Image Group we understand and value the importance of families and know firsthand how working with family can actually lead to great success.

We’ve sat down with some of our incredible family members to find out what they love about working in a family business…with their family.

Name: Pamela Jabbour

Role at TIG: CEO/Founder

Time at TIG: 14 years

What is your role in the family business? The Creative/Visionary with a focus on sales and marketing. Spend a lot of time reviewing our company, brand identity and planning growth strategies.

What do you love most about working with family? I love that we are all working towards the same ultimate goals and support each other through the tough times in the business. It can be really lonely otherwise but sharing the ups and downs with family who are a part of it makes the tough moments easier to handle and the great times more fun to celebrate!

What made you decide to go into business with family? Dad was always in business and it became something that I aspired to do from growing up around his hard work ethic, I just wasn’t exactly sure how. Having a fashion and manufacturing background, I brainstormed with dad all the time around business ideas, so I didn’t even contemplate anything else!

How has family been integral to the evolution and success of TIG?

I think family is at our core and being a family business has created the culture and spirit of the TIG brand. It comes through in everything we do and I feel, our clients and team feel like an extended part of the family. We constantly get comments from everyone that comes into our office saying our team and environment has such a warm and welcoming feel and I credit that to Family.

Name: Bryan Jabbour

Role at TIG: Director/Operations Manger

Time at TIG: 13 Years

What is your role in the family business? My Role is to manage all stock, reporting, the 3PL, our China Office and EOM invoicing. As an owner I am also very hands on with day to day tasks and Issues.

What do you love most about working with family? What I love most about working with Family is that when we are successful we are successful as a family. This drives you to work harder as seeing your loved one’s progress and succeed is a great reward.

What made you decide to go into business with family? My father was my role model and as a young child and I remember always listening to him talk about work so passionately that I always imagined my future would be working in the family business, I never thought about any other career path.

Name: Dina Dimitrelos

Role at TIG: Sales Support

Who is family: My son Adrian also works at TIG

What do you love most about being able to work with a family member? It’s hard to spend time with adult children as they have their own lives, so every extra minute I get to spend with my child is a bonus. We get along extremely well and have the same sense of humour so it’s easy. Plus he has the added bonus of mum making him lunch every day!

What benefits do you see with working for a family business? Working at TIG its clear that there is a closeness that you don’t see in many other workplaces. The business is more caring, closer to their staff, understanding when family matters need to come first.

Name: Kristy Farr

Role at TIG: Account Manager – Sales

Who is family? My husband Colin is also part of TIG

What do you love most about being able to work with a family member? Colin & I make an effort not to talk too much work at home, but it is nice having work in common. We understand completely when the other has a great day, or not so great day.  It is also very convenient, especially when I forget to bring things home.

What benefits do you see with working for a family business? TIG understand that family is first. Our kids are my priority and TIG are very flexible, allowing me to work around my commitments with the kids. It’s something I appreciate and know isn’t so common in other organisations.

While we are celebrating National Family Business Day, it is the whole team at Total Image Group who together have become family. We understand that family business may start with blood but it continues strong with staff and community.

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