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    The Brief

    Bonza is Australia’s newest low-cost airline, providing affordable air travel across regional Australia. With plans to launch their first flight in late 2022, they chose Total Image Group to help define their inaugural appearance with a rule-breaking airline uniform that embraced contemporary culture and their signature all-Aussie attitude. Total Image Group was able to provide a uniform range of unique, custom-designed pieces, as well as a fashion-show and photoshoot, award-winning merchandise and exceptional service to help Bonza take off in style.

    Custom Designed Range

    The Bonza brand is defined by its all-Aussie, down-to-earth, cheeky attitude. Instead of recreating the same atmosphere that traditional airlines have touted for decades, Bonza aims to break the rules and bring something new to the air travel industry. Their uniform was no exception to this goal. They wanted staff to wear a range that offered contemporary style, comfort and plenty options, as well as the flexibility required for working in the unpredictable Australian climate. The range needed to match their modern approach to a dress code – no heels, no mandatory gendered dressing, no required makeup, and tattoos allowed.

    The uniform that TIG designed was of primarily custom-designed pieces that create a versatile “wear it your own way” range. Featuring classic white tees, tailored shorts, vivid blazers and custom white sneakers among its diverse range, the Bonza uniform prioritises versatility and self-expression, encouraging their Legends to make their uniform work best for them. In each garment, a unique Bonza wash label reads: “Bonza attitude stitched into everything we do”.

    The Pilot uniform maintains a more traditional design to best represent their level of expertise and responsibility. Their uniform features a classic crisp white button-up, classic tailored pants and a dignified charcoal blazer and silver stripes. Bonza purple lining on the blazer, on the inside of the shirt collar and on shirt logo inject a balanced measure of Bonza personality into the look.

    The distinctive Bonza purple is the undeniable hero of the collection. Featured in big and small ways across all garments, the vibrant hue represents Bonza’s optimism and bold new approach to air travel. The bright purple of the Ladies Shorts, Sleeveless Coat and Shirt Dress are unmistakably Bonza-fied, but subtler accents also tell the Bonza brand story. Details such as contrast purple lining of the men’s blazer, the purple trim that elevates the white tee, and accessories like the silk scarf and the Bonza ‘Thumbs Up’ pin show Bonza attitude in every garment.

    The Bonza Budgie and Cozzie

    Prior to the launch of their uniform, Bonza also requested that TIG to help create a unique branded product that would be the cornerstone of a campaign to gain media attention and create public interest ahead of their official launch. The product needed to establish Bonza’s brand identity as a fun, down-to-earth and authentically Aussie airline that is for “Allstralia”.

    For this campaign, Total Image Group designed two exclusive, branded swimwear items. Referred to as the “Bonza Budgies” the limited range included both a masculine swimmer brief and a feminine one-piece swimsuit. Both pieces were designed in the distinctive Bonza Purple, with the Bonza logo in white on the front, and the Bonza “thumbs up” on the rear.  The items were designed and manufactured in Australia, using recycled products. The Budgies have become a cornerstone of Bonza’s marketing campaign, used in everything from photoshoots to partnership announcement ceremonies, and will eventually be available for purchase on Bonza airlines.

    Total Image Group went on to win the Australasian Promotional Product Association Award in the category of Uniforms, Apparel and Accessories for the Bonza Budgies.

    Photoshoot, Fashion Show and Online Store

    As part of the Official Uniform Launch, TIG collaborated with Bonza to coordinate a photoshoot and fashion show, hosted at Sunshine Coast Airport.

    There, TIG produced high-quality imagery of the uniform range, highlighting it’s unique features and “wear it your own way” approach to dressing.

    The fashion show was open to national media outlets, and featured a Bonza jet and purple carpet to debut the new range in ultimate style.

    Total Image Group also created a unique online store for Bonza, where their Bonza “Legends” will be able to purchase their own uniforms from the mix and match range.

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    Who is TIG

    Total Image Group was founded on the basis that workwear in Australia had become generic and uninspiring. We’ve changed all that.

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