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Beyond Blue Jeans: Our Top Denim Uniform Picks

Threads of Professionalism: The Power of a Denim Uniform

Dressed for Success: The Versatility of Denim Uniforms

When it comes to uniforms, comfort, style and durability are all critical factors that every good uniform checks off. Denim delivers in the comfort department with flying colours, typically crafted from a blend of soft cotton and other materials ensuring a breathable, comfortable fit. Furthermore, adding denim effortlessly exudes contemporary professionalism with its timeless appeal. A Denim uniform is also highly durable, whether it’s the bustling hospitality industry or the world of front-facing retail, denim’s hard-wearing nature ensures that uniforms remain intact, resisting the wear and tear of daily activities.

Let’s jump into our top denim uniform picks that will elevate your range.


The Dylan Shirt Range


Crafted from 100% cotton and in two sleeve lengths, the Dylan range is suitable for any work climate. This garment boasts a stylish chest pocket with a button closure and a modern fit for a flattering silhouette. The button collar also adds a modern touch for an enhanced professional appeal.

Ideal for: Hospitality, Retail, Beauty & Spa

Colours: Indigo Blue, Vintage Blue & Black

Available styles: Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve | Ladies, Men’s

The Indie Shirt Range

                  Mens Indie Long Sleeve Shirt

                  Ladies Indie Short Sleeve Shirt

These garments feature a softly stone-washed denim that exudes a sophisticated yet lived-in look. In a 100% cotton fabrication, these shirts are sure to keep the team comfortable for all-day wear. Incorporates a button-down collar and metal-look buttons. Its matching top-stitching details not only enhance the garment’s durability but also its sleek appearance.

Ideal for: Hospitality, Retail or Hotels

Colours: Blue, Dark Blue & Black

Available styles: Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve | Ladies, Men’s


Mens Standard Jeans

Made from a cotton-elastane blend, these men’s standard jeans are the perfect mid-weight option to keep the team comfortable, mobile and looking their best! Includes two front side pockets and two back patch pockets for on-the-go essentials. These have also been pre-shrunk to maintain the fit and feel of the piece in the long term.

Ideal for: Hospitality, Retail

Colours: Mid Blue, Raw Indigo & Black

Coordinating styles: Womens Skinny Jeans

Womens Skinny Jeans

Offering a modern and stylish option, these skinny jeans are a high-waisted fit with an ankle-cropped length. Whether you’re tall or petite, curvy or athletic, skinny jeans have a way of enhancing the natural silhouette and elevating your team’s look! Looking for an eco-friendly option? These pants are also made from 20% recycled cotton!

Ideal for: Hospitality, Retail

Colours: Mid Blue, Raw Indigo & Black

Coordinating styles: Mens Standard Jeans


The Louie Apron


Crafted from 100% cotton, this apron offers a modern take on durability and design. Its 10 oz weight strikes the perfect balance between substance and comfort. Allowing the team to stay organized and efficient with waist pockets thoughtfully sized for an iPad and a dedicated quick-access pen pocket. The cross-over detachable denim straps with a secure buckle ensure a personalized fit for every body type.

Ideal for: Hospitality, Beauty & Spa

Colours: Stonewash Blue and Stonewash Black

The Billy Apron

                    Black Denim

                 Indigo Denim 

                    Vintage Denim

The Billy Apron is the perfect heavy-weight apron for your hardworking team. The perfect blend of durability and style, designed to enhance your work experience in every way. The webbing ties offer a secure and adjustable fit, reinforced with designer brass rivets, this apron not only exudes quality but also stands the test of time, even in the most demanding environments.

Ideal for: Hospitality

Colours: Black Denim, Indigo Denim, Vintage Denim

Coordinating styles: The Charlie Apron

The Charlie Apron 


For a shorter alternative, our choice is the Charlie Apron. This option allows for ultimate mobility, maintaining deep waist pockets for essentials when in a bustling work environment. Webbing Ties and reinforced designer brass rivets ensure that the garment stays on securely and comfortably.

Ideal for: Servers in Hospitality, Beauty

Colours: Black Denim w/Black Strap, Indigo Denim w/Natural Strap & Vintage Denim w/Calico Strap

Coordinating styles: The Billy Apron

Whether you’re pondering a new uniform choice for your team, considering a change in your brand’s image, or simply browsing, it’s evident that denim holds a unique and unprecedented place in the world of uniforms. Suitable in a vast number of industries, denim speaks a balance between classic and contemporary, between utility and sophistication. When it comes to your workplace, where first impressions and lasting comfort matter, denim uniforms remain a great option!

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