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From Hoodies to Bomber Jackets – top Autumn looks

The chill of autumn is well and truly here and whether you are out and about or working from home it’s time to unearth the ‘coolest’ hoodies, jumpers, and jackets out there.

We are fortunate to work with some of the best for outerwear so thought why not showcase the looks we are loving this autumn. The best part about these garments is their versatility. We’re talking staple pieces that will work this year and next. As we continue to live in such uncertainty, it is assuring to have reliable, versatile pieces in your wardrobe that can create many different looks.

These garments are all perfect additions to your uniform range and able to be easily branded in a variety of ways.

Hoodie love

The love for athleisure doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Being able to mix both fashion and comfort appears to be the trend post COVID. The best thing about a hoodie is that it can be incorporated into any outfit with ease and still look presentable. Available in all the colours of the rainbow (and then some!) it not only makes it a reliable option for work but having a few colour variations means a different look each day!

You have the option of a pullover or a zip hoodie depending on your needs or why not get both?

We love all the hoodies from AS COLOUR who not only team up quality garments with fashionable colour options.

Beat the big chill with a Puffer

As temperatures start to feel that extra bit chilly, sometimes we need to reach for something extra toasty.

This is when you need to start reaching out for a puffer! Not only are these jackets unmatched in the warmth department, but their fabrics are lightweight and durable, so perfect for the trip to work or a weekend getaway. 

The Puffer Bomber and Puffer Vest from JB’s Wear are both lightweight, breathable and ultra warm!

Can’t beat the bomber

The bomber jacket, one of the classic fashion items, comes back in style in 2021.

Bomber jackets, while functional and dependable, can easily add an element of elegance to your style. Combine your jacket with the right pair of sneakers for a sophisticated casual look. Or dress it up with a shirt for a smart-casual look.

Few items in your wardrobe will be as versatile and timeless as a classic bomber.

For that extra warmth in style why not couple your bomber with your favourite hoodie for that perfect Autumn/Winter look.

When it comes to Autumn you need to be ready for whatever the day may bring. By having a staple range of outerwear in your wardrobe means you will always have a reliable and versatile option available. Create some perfect pairings or layer it up! The choice is yours.

Are you looking to add some outerwear options to your uniform range? We can help! Speak to our team of uniform experts on how to add the perfect outerwear to your uniform range

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Who is TIG

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