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A More Sustainable Office in 5 Steps

Creating a more sustainable world can often feel like a daunting prospect. Climate change is an issue that impacts every living thing on Earth, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Individuals can make small, everyday adjustments to be kinder to the planet – not just at home, but at work too. In honour of Earth Hour 2021, Here’s a small list of green choices that your office can make to create a more environmentally friendly workspace.  

1. Reduce Energy Usage

In a busy office, there are plenty of energy saving opportunities that might fly under the radar. Does the light need to be on in the break room if there is no one in there? You’re going on lunch for an hour – why not just power down your computer while you’re gone? Why is the AC always blasting at 18 degrees when it’s perfectly mild outside? A more sustainable approach to simple energy use habits can make a big difference to the earth – and to the electricity bill. 

2. Recycling 

You’ve likely already got a recycling bin for all your paper waste, but there are other ways to recycle too. Paper food bags/wrappers in the kitchen, supplies packaging, drinks cans and water bottles are all opportunities for recycling. Supplying recycle bins for paper, plastic and glass around the office will encourage everyone to do their bit.  

3. Using Sustainable Products

On the subject of recycling, your office supplies can always be a little greener too! Recycled toilet paper, hand towels and printing paper are a great way of reducing your everyday wastage.  There are also ranges of notebooks, pens and other office supplies that are made with recycled materials.  

Why not also encourage reusable items too? Water bottles, keep cups, cutlery and food wraps are sustainable options that can easily replace their disposable cousins.  

4. Reduce Travel

2020 introduced us all to the glory of Zoom, and whether you’re a fan of video meetings or not, there is no denying that not having to travel (or change out of your PJs!) is a definite bonus. Reduced travel also means reduced fuel usage; video calls and conferences are an excellent way to keep everyone connected without churning out so many emissions.   

5. Sustainable Décor (Add a Plant!)

Have a plant on your desk! A sweet little succulent will pump out fresh oxygen for you, improve your office air quality, boost your mood and your productivity – as well as being a delightful little desk accessory for everyone to admire.  

A plant pot on your office desk will improve air quality and productivity

This Saturday the 27th March, remember to #switchoff from 8:30 to 9:30 for Earth Hour, and remember to keep those green habits going all year round, both in your home and in your workplace too! 

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